Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Knock knock

It's April 1st in Singapore and the weather's no joke. Hotter than hot. Just two days ago, on Sunday it was so hot AND humid that I suffered a relapse of my muscles problem. It happened right away when I woke up. I kept saying, I woke up wrong, I woke up wrong. My body was on fire (not that kind of fire), the world kept spinning and all my structural muscles screamed. Well, I'm all better now but I really hate humid weather. I get so crazy.

Oh, recently there was a story circulating that a woman was spending her time in Ikea showroom, behaving inappropriately doing stuff like using the store power to curl her hair, watching movies from a laptop and eating potato chips on a display sofa. It turned out Ikea pulled a April Fool's joke. Anyway, Singapore Ikea's offering a free ice-cream today (if you flash their facebook post). To get to Ikea, I need to take 2 trains and then transfer to a bus. So, much as I want to eat an ice cream right now, I'll stay home and drink my tea.

Last month I wanted to make 10 bags but I only managed to finish two. I truly lack discipline. Anyway, yesterday I managed to make one more and I'm 1/4 thru' another one.

This slouchy zip bag is what I made. I'm a big, big fan of slouchy bags. For this bag, I put in a very tiny gusset and I used a top zipper. I had such a hard time photographing this bag. Other than the poor lighting, I felt so hot standing in the balcony that I decided I will just go easy this time and take the clearest of the lot. Taking photos with a DSLR is a lot of work!

I like to put a patch pocket in the front - I thought it's good for putting stuff you want to reach easily.

Here's a shot of the lining. I was generous with the pockets! What do you think of the outer fabric? My girl wasn't so keen on it but hubs said it's great! I'm of course drawn to it on account of the crane and the yellow green. In case you're wondering, this is a Sugar and Spice Textile fabric.

Oh, on Wednesday I'm attending a course on photo taking. Hopefully I'll be able to understand the class and take better photos!

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Christel Goh said...

Hope you're feeling much better now... The weather these days is just unpredictable. :(

DeborahGun said...

hot humid weather is exhausting. Hope you're feeling better. I love this bag so much - slouchy and the outer fabric is gorgeous.

Maria said...

I hate hot humid weather so I'm not looking forward to the summer. Love your bag, nice style and beautiful fabrics.

Linda said...

I would not want hot and humid weather year round! I hope you are feeling better by now!

Chris H said...

I like the fabric, even though I am no fan of Green and Yellow. The cranes are lovely.

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