Monday, April 21, 2014

Line drawing shoulder bag

I love line drawing and this Ikea fabric with line drawing is just my thing. It almost looks like a very creative child used a black marker and drew on a white piece of fabric.

I did not interface the outer fabric not out of laziness but the fabric is quite thick and I don't always like the interfaced look. Fortunately I had a black zipper pull otherwise I would go mad if I have to use a zipper pull which doesn't match.

Hubs said the fabric is white and would get dirty easily. I'm pretending he didn't say any of that. Besides the bag can be hand washed... Do you shy away from bags made from white fabric?

Anyway, I loooove this bag. I love it so much I want to marry it.

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Sandra :) said...

It's gorgeous - I love Ikea fabrics. Here in Canada, though, they never have the lovely fabrics in the store, that they show in the catalogues - they always seem to have lots of stock of weird stuff. Sad, lol!

I don't make white purses - I use the same bag month after month - I'm too lazy to change it very often - so white wouldn't be practical for me :D

Bethany said...

This reminds me of an off-white and black Paris texty sort of print bag I made. I carried it all winter. I am pleased to say you can only see a little bit of dirt on the bottom the part where it sits on...dirt, I guess?).
I love yours too. It's simple but it's fun without being all i your face aobut it.

Jane said...

the bag is lovely. and no i don't shy away from white bags at all! (although maybe i should because i'm super accident prone...)

Kate said...

I have that fabric in my stash. I was thinking of putting a black bottom on the bag, so the bottom wouldn't show the dirt, however, I have had the fabric for nearly a year, so I must shy away from white fabric.

Linda said...

How beautiful! I love graphic prints too. The lining fabric is also really nice!

Maria said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous fabrics. I love the simplicity of your bags.

Christel said...

I think I saw a Russian doll in the fabric. :)

Chris H said...

Ha ha! You should keep it then.

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