Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Denim crossbody bag

You know I always feel like I've accomplished something when I manage to use a teeny tiny portion of my scraps. As many of you who sew will agree, there will always be scraps. I don't think it's possible to use up every single piece of scrap I own. There are some scraps which I'd rather throw away as some fabric don't look good as scraps. But for these scraps above, I simply cannot bear to throw them.

I made the scraps into a scrap pocket for my denim crossbody bag. The lighting was really dim in my balcony but I discovered that the Ikea Sten shelves which houses hub's shoes give pretty good light. I clean this area once a year so don't expect it any cleaner the next time I take my photos here.

The lighting in this photo is a little too warm. I was too lazy to adjust it. The denim is really thick so I skipped the interfacing. I bought the denim from a shop that supplied to tailors. I chose the least stretchable denim. The shopkeeper was very curious why I wanted non-stretch jeans.

I have so many things on my to-do list right now that all I can do is do one at a time. I wish I have more energy than motivation. Every day is a soul sucking day. It's the freaking weather. Hot and humid, humid and hot, hot and humid and rain. Our utilities bill went over $200 last month. Later...

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Sandra :) said...

Jane that's a gorgeous bag! Love the patchworked scrappy pocket - it really gives the piece a pop of colour! The zipper and strap are kicky too - so nice with the denim :)
I'm glad there will *always* be scraps - is it weird that I like them even better than yardage?

OHHHHHHH now you've given me an idea - I was gifted with some scraps from a quilt that a friend made - I think they'd make a great pocket on a bag ... pinning you for inspiration - thank you!

DeborahGun said...

this looks like a great shape for a bag, and the scraps work a treat :-)

Christel Goh said...

That's a pretty little bag. It's simple and plain, but that's what makes it pretty ;)

Jane said...

oh my gosh. it turned out so pretty! i love how you didn't throw away your scraps!

Linda said...

Denim makes such nice bags!
Yes, hot and humid is hard to deal with! Hang in there!!

Maria said...

You can never go wrong with a denim bag and the scrappy pocket makes it perfect. I thought those fabrics looked familiar, they're from my lovely little drawstring bag I won LOLL

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