Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Embroidered butterfly crescent crossbody bag

Yesterday when I was making this crescent crossbody bag, I felt like I was being judged (by myself) because let's face it. I've made this exact same bag a number of times, with the same yellow-green cotton twill too. So to make it more interesting, mostly for me, I added some details to the butterfly.

The fabric print I used for the butterfly applique is different from what I would normally choose for an applique mainly because it has quite a lot of white space. If all I wanted to do was to outline the applique with blanket stitch, I would choose a fabric print with more print details. In this case, I felt it was okay to use this print because I was going to add embroidery details to some of the white space. I think applique/embroidery aesthetic is a matter of preference so I never really feel 100% secure what I do will always appeal to the customer.

My preferred form of embroidery is one where I start off with a fabric print and I add embroidery stitches as I go along. Nothing is planned, except in this case, the blanket stitch around the outline. I used sashiko thread - the heavier kind and it gives a nice texture around the butterfly. When I run my fingers around it, I get such a nice sensation. Don't worry, nothing kinky. Is there a name for the kind of embroidery I do? The word freeform comes to mind but it's more than just freeform. I "respond" to the fabric print and it's a little bit like a dance-off. Something like this...

Jane: Froggy, why are you carrying an umbrella? Hmm... let me give you a little blue rain.
Froggy: Too much! Too much!
Orange flowers: Ha ha, froggy is getting wet.
Jane: I think the orange flowers need some mustache.
Orange flowers: Nooooooooo!
Jane: Just kidding. But I'll give you a few wrinkles.

For bags that are meant for customers, I tend to exercise restraint and not go overboard on the embroidery. Less is more is how I do it.

I wanted to make this bag exciting for the customer every time she opens her bag. So I used this interesting print. It's interesting (to me) because it has trees and houses. Houses, you hear? There are four things which I love in a fabric print - trees/leaves, flowers, birds and houses. Can't go wrong with these combo.

Today I took photographs of my bags at a different timing just to see if the lighting is better. Noon is not exactly the best time to take photos but the light that comes to my balcony is diffused by the surrounding blocks of flats and a dying tree outside my window.

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Maria said...

It's gorgeous Jane and the lining fabric would look good on the outside too.

Linda said...

Your bags are great! I love adding embroidery to my projects. Yours are perfect!

Chris H said...

Your embroidery details are lovely Jane.

Jade Ayu said...

The butterfly is sooooo beautiful

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