Friday, April 4, 2014

Something new from something old

The past few days I felt a little more stressed than my usual zen. So I decided to do some mindless embroidery. A long while back, one of my readers had swapped with me and I requested for thrift shop items with embroidery. The problem with thrift shop items is sometimes the fabric is stained. But the embroidery is mostly good. So I wanted to keep whatever is worth keeping and then add some embroidery to it. It's very much like something new from something old.

These are what I have to work with.

I chose this single flower. I don't particularly like the embroidery but at least the stitches are still intact. If you're wondering what the polka dots fabric is for - it's my backing fabric.

I started out slowly with running stitches. Then I totally lost control. I just piled on the embroidery. I even added beads! If you're wondering why the red satin stitches really pop, it's because I used sashiko thread.

What do you think? Is it worth all that effort to save the old embroidery? By the way, I decided this embroidery will look nice as a brooch. And the embroidery did keep me relaxed and take my mind off the humidity and daily grind.

Tomorrow I'm going to a knitting party. What will you be doing?


Chris H said...

I think that will make a lovely brooch.
Tomorrow I am going to a junk yard to look for something that might make a good gate for the top of my stairs!

Laurie-Jane said...

It's really lovely, totally worth saving. I saw something similar in a gift store today for $30. Tomorrow we have to vote for senate, just our state as there was an issue with some lost votes so it's a do-over costing the govt $20million. It's raining and cool today we have got through our humid time.

Anna said...

That's a great idea to make it into a brooch.

Jane said...

i love the way it turned out. and a brooch would be a great idea. i love the colors too. reminds me of these hmong tapestries i've been wanting for a while - they are also very colorful and i love the stories they tell too.

Maria said...

I love your brooch. Tomorrow I'll probably go fabric shopping to cheer myself up. My daughter left after a three week stay and I feel lonely now.

Anita said...

Wow t this looks amazing. You're so creative!

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