Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anyone watched The Missing?

Anyone watched The Missing? It's a 8 part British drama TV series and it's about an English couple who lost their 5-year old son, Olly while holidaying in Chalons De Bois, France.

When my kids were little, I lost both of them once for a few minutes. It was very scary and during those initial moments, you go mad. Thankfully, a stranger lent them her handphone and I managed to locate them. On another occasion, I lost my girl for around 10 minutes as we were walking to the supermarket. I ran around screaming for people to help me and they just stared at me. But my screaming paid off because a little boy told his grandma he had seen a girl fitting my description nearby. I think I never got over losing my kids for those few minutes. What do you call that - post-traumatic syndrome? Almost as if to punish myself further, I seek out movies, TV show, books, stories about missing kids and the aftermath.

So you can see how The Missing is right up my alley. This TV series is told in the present timeframe and 2006 when the boy went missing. Let me just say this first. It's not like the horrible series, Lost with the use of flashbacks. This one's just simple storytelling in 2 timeframe. (I think there's one more timeframe but that one's not so significant) In case you haven't watched this show, I won't give anything away. Just that it has some brilliant red herring. You've got to pay attention. It's also not a whodunit. So don't try to guess who took Olly.
James Nesbitt plays the father who never gave up looking for his boy. He's a pretty good actor. He brought tears to my eyes several times. And so much hurt and grief in that face!
Tchéky Karyo plays the lead detective in charge of the case. He gives off this comforting vibe. Plus the accent! I think if I need a detective, he'll be my number one choice.

So I officially have two new TV crushes.

Unfortunately, the ending of The Missing sucks. I mean, wtf, wtf, WTF!!! Why is the father in Russia? Who's the Russian boy? Wait. Come back, TV writers. Don't leave us hanging. The ending is missing!
Yep, you have to decide for yourself what you want to believe. Cop out. Still, it's worth watching.


pennydog said...

I've not even heard of it and I LIVE here for goodness sake. :D

Linda said...

I've never seen it, but it looks interesting! I do hate bad endings though! They fall in the same "cop out" catagorie as events that turn out to be a big dream.

Sandra :) said...

Nope I haven't seen it or even heard of it. There are several British series I watch - the Brits do good drama! And comedy - OMG Benny Hill was the KING :D

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