Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Catch Up With Me?

Yo guys,

How's everyone doing? We've been enjoying the long school vacation since November. Sadly on 2nd Jan, the kids go back to school and I have to wake up at 6am again. But I have 2 more weeks of sleeping in. Yay!

Sorry I haven't been posting. My muscle pain got a little too much for me. For a while, it took all my energy just to go through the day without collapsing. And thinking about the situation got me feeling down. And it's a downward spiral after that. But you know I'm a fighter. I always get myself up again. I've been exercising faithfully. Right now, I feel much better compared to November. I believe this is as good as I can ever feel. I had already been thinking of blogging regularly again. But you know how it is. You get into the habit of not blogging...

For a start, I'll tell you of a few places I've been to since our last "meeting". What? You think I stay home all day?

Doll Carnival
In mid November, I went to this very niche, barely publicized event. It's very hardcore and for serious doll collectors. I don't consider myself a serious doll collector but it's rare for such an event to take place bringing in foreign vendors so I had to go. I wanted to go with hubs as I felt shy to go alone but on that day my girl was ill so I bravely went alone.

These dolls are huge and the clothes are so exquisite. Btw, it's the clothes that are for sale. 

I wished I had brought my Nikon DSLR along as there were many creative booth displays. This one of a classroom of little dolls is my favourite.

 Always room for steampunk.

These little mixed species dolls may scare some people. Yes, it's a thing. Dolls with animal heads.

Like humans, dolls need shoes and if you bring your doll, you can try them on.

I bought one doll and I shall show her to you one day.

Public Garden
I brought hubs to a Public Garden market once and since then he's been hooked.

In this pic, we're just walking into the market which is usually held on the 16th floor of Triple One Somerset. FYI, my girl is carrying a bag I bought more than 20 years ago. It's a Guess bag and I'm amazed it never fell apart.

Hubs became insanely besotted with these glasses holders at the Public Garden market and had to have it.

He wanted this shirt too which is too small for him. I had to be the sane one and stopped him.

There are 2 more Public Garden markets this weekend. I think they will be held at the National Museum. I'm pretty sure we will go and have a look-see.

Biology Discovery

Hubs saw these black bread french loaf for sale at Giant supermarket and immediately bought it for his dinner. Later he told us that his poop came out black. At first, the sight of black poop gave him a shock but he quickly remembered the colour of his dinner.


We saw Big Hero 6. It's okaaaaay. I don't know why I have a craving for marshmallows after the movie.

We also saw Exodus. Question: Do you prefer Christian Bale dirty or clean looking?

I almost forgot we saw Penguins of Madagascar just so my girl could giggle over Benedict Cumberbatch's pronunciation of peng-win.

Tomorrow, my crazy hubs and daughter are watching The Hobbit marathon.

See ya.
p.s. i owe you guys one more giveaway.


Sandra :) said...

I've been wondering what you were up to - I even double checked my blogreader to make sure it wasn't bypassing you :D Glad you're feeling better, and I bet you're counting the days until the kids go back to school, haha. I sure did! Those days are long gone now, though, and my days are generally my own :D Did hubby actually buy a Santa face eyeglass holder? That makes more sense than a too small shirt, LOL! And black poop ... bwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!

Jane said...

oh sorry to hear about your muscle pains! hope all is well with you. and you are a fighter! i haven't exercised since the summer and do plan on getting back to it. i miss the feeling of getting that extra energy and strength when i used to run on a regular basis.

Linda said...

I hope you're having more good days than bad now!
The Public market looks like fun, but black bread? I think I would stay away from that! (Although I have eaten blue tortilla chips, but they are made with blue corn.)

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