Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crochet Beanie

I took time off from my <ahem> very busy schedule and made a crochet beanie for my little Hujoo doll, Neve.

I'm not an expert in crochet and I don't know any fancy crochet stitches. But I managed to wing a red beanie.

This is my first attempt. Okay, it looks just like a bowl! I used thick yarn just because it's lying around. All the stitches I used are double crochet (US). Round 1 is the ring. Round 2, I worked double crochet in every stitch. Round 3, I doubled every other stitch. Round 4 onwards, I worked one double crochet in every stitch.

Neve has quite a pouty profile. She looks so bitchy in the red beanie. If only I will let her wear something other than granny panties.

I made a second attempt at a beanie for Neve. This time I used the blue yarn I have had forever. Just want to use it up, you know? This yarn is thinner so I needed to make more stitches. Again I used double crochet (US) but because the yarn splits easily, I make my stitches into the "holes" of the double crochet instead of the "chains". For the finishing, I used a pink yarn to make single crochet (US) stitches so the brim will tighten a little.

One little fault I find with Neve is that it's not very posable as the elbows and knees are not articulated. Sometimes she looks quite dead.

At least she's bald. Gasp! You didn't know? Yes, Neve is very, very bald. A bald doll is actually very desirable as you can change the look of the hair.

Neve looks better with her red wig on. I think her hair colour matches the beanie. (by accident)

Just love the way Neve glowers.

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Sandra :) said...

If someone was posting a picture of my bald head for the entire world to see - I'd glower too!!! Love the red wig and the blue+pink hat, but ... grey panties? Seriously? She's so stylin' - shouldn't she have a thong, at least?!

Jane said...

i love the crochet beanies!

Linda said...

Beginner or not, your crochet is beautifully done! Your little Neve looks adorable in her new beanies.

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