Monday, January 12, 2015

Eat to live

I'll admit it. I'm very fussy about food. For as long as I can remember, eating has always been a necessity. There wasn't much joy about it. When I see people enjoying food, I feel so envious. I'm a terrible cook so it's not like I could cook myself something delicious to eat everyday. Occasionally I find something I enjoy eating a lot and you know what I do right? I eat it to death until I get sick of it. That's really because there aren't many kinds of food I like to eat. Okay, mostly I lack self-control.

Last year, as if I purposely wanted to make my life even worse, me and hubs decided to stop eating 4-legged animals and poultry. Yeah, sure we carried on eating seafood but even then, our mealtimes were very, very sad affairs. We eat out a lot and as we discovered, having a restricted diet is hell. Our options became very limited. Still we stuck it out. And we would have carried sticking it out. But end of last year, I became a little depressed and when I was struggling to get myself out of the darkness, I decided to go back to eating meat. I thought that having one less struggle in my life would be a wise thing. I'm still not eating red meat as I don't like them. But chicken, here I come! I thought hubs would soldier on bravely but he decided to "join me" in my meat route. Bastard!

Quite honestly, I feel a little ashamed and sad even, to go back to meat. I really thought we could eventually go vegetarian.

This year I wanted to try a little harder to find different kinds of food to eat. For starters, I've stopped buying Thai rice. Most of you probably know I'm Chinese. And it's true what they say about Chinese. We can't live without rice. Yes, we eat rice every day. For as long as I can remember, my mother has always bought a certain kind of rice from Thailand. She is quite particular about the kind of rice she buys. For many years, I would buy the same kind of rice and it never gave me any problems. But for the past decade, I had switched to a blend of white and brown rice and the only kinds sold where I live are a NTUC in-house brand. It's not expensive and we ate these rice for so long without issues. Late last year, I discovered MILLIONS of weevils in my bag of rice. I had only bought it for 2 weeks and used only two cups of rice. So not too old right? The MILLIONS of weevils sent all my hair standing on ends and I couldn't buy or eat rice for a while. So what to do? I looked at the other rice available for sale and discovered a new kind of rice.


This brown rice from Australia is amazing - not too hard and not too soft. Just perfect. It's very different from Thai rice in texture. It's also not expensive so this family can carry on cooking and eating rice at home. I just hope it doesn't sprout weevils.

This is another amazing rice I have discovered - short grained Japanese rice from Yonehachi restaurant. This is inspiring me to cook my own Japanese rice!!!

This is Thai rice from Nara Thai restaurant. I wonder how the colouring is done. I find it interesting how adding a little cashew nut enhances the taste of the rice.

This year is going to be the year I lose weight. Ha ha. Seriously, I am on a "less carbo" diet. And do you know how much I LOVE, LOVE carbo? I absolutely have to eat bread. Every. Single. Day. Plus the Chinese thing of eating rice. Every. Single. Day. How to cut carbo, right? Well, firstly, I will eat half a tiny bowl of rice instead of one bowl. I will eat one slice of bread instead of two. I will not eat cake. Man.... I'm already starving just typing this down. I will also cut down on my intake of instant noodles. These delicious ramen (tom yam flavour) is seriously my downfall. To counter my craving for noodles, I have switched to buckwheat noodles. Are they less fattening? I don't really know. But I know I won't eat buckets of buckwheat noodles.

The first time I bought buckwheat noodles, I paid a fortune for them as the mountain tortoise that I am, I bought from Isetan supermarket. I probably overpaid 1000%. Anyway, I have since found a shop at Central Mall which sells nothing but imported Japanese foodstuff and the buckwheat noodles are really cheap.

This is soba sauce which goes with the buckwheat noodles. You add water to the soba sauce otherwise it's too salty. Honestly, it's just soy sauce. And I bought it from Isetan supermarket as well, overpaying by 1000%. The shop at Central Mall also sells soba sauce, at a fraction of the Isetan price.

This is how you eat it. Just pour the cooked noodles in the soba sauce. I have discovered that cold buckwheat noodles is the bomb.

Late last year, I discovered that I really like salsa sauce. I've never paid attention to such sauce which hubs buys for eating with chips and his carrot slices. One day, I added the chunky salsa hot sauce to my pasta and BAM! I got hooked.

Another sauce I discovered late last year as well is Jamie Oliver's chilli and garlic pesto. I have never tasted pesto before. It has never occurred to me to try pesto. Let's just say pesto is not in my vocabulary. One day we were at Cold Storage supermarket and the pesto sauce looked so inviting that I bought it to try thinking it'll be one of those meh moments. I was so wrong! Pesto has opened up my taste buds. Suddenly I'm tasting flavours and bingbangboom stuff. How on earth did I go through life never tasting pesto? Pesto is the besto!

I think 2015 is going to be such an exciting year for me, foodwise. Already I've been eating and tasting different stuff. Why, today I even ate Hainanese chicken rice for lunch! It's steamed chicken which I would previously never eat even if you paid me and I enjoyed it so much my brains screamed!

And what's your food diet for 2015?


Christel said...

Wow! So many different types of rice! I've been eating the Umbrella brand of Thai fragrant rice since young.

Oh, and I like eating cold soba noodles too ;) especially eating the icy cold noodles on a hot afternoon. hehe

Projects By Jane said...

Christel, I've seen the Umbrella brand before. Don't think we've eaten that. If you're ever at Takashimaya, basement (eating area), try Yonehachi rice. Yum. Before I tried cold noodles, the idea sounded really weird to me. Did not know what I was missing.

Sandra :) said...

My food plans for 2015 are to eat less and move more. So far I'm moving more (yay thank you Aquafit classes!) but I'm not eating very much less, lol. I won't give anything up - as soon as I do that I go into overdrive and go crazy with it - but I'm trying to eat less meat and more vegetables. I love meat, so this is difficult for me :D

Chris H said...

I reckon they put food colouring in the rice to make it blue.
I am cutting out all bread/rice and pasta for the time being. I've already lost 5 kilos!
I hope you continue to find and enjoy new foods to you ... AND lose some weight.

Linda said...

Good for you for exploring new foods! What is my food diet for 2015? My husband and I are going to start cooking special meals together in our new kitchen (almost finished!). Our first meal on our new range was Lemon Chicken Piccata over long grain and wild rice. We both love the American version of Chinese food (which a Chinese friend told me was actually peasant food), so we will be trying some stir fries. I'm allergic to sea food, so if I had to cut out other meats i would HAVE to be a vegetarian.
By the way, Texas babies cut their teeth on salsa My favorite is made with Chipotle and sun dried tomatoes, along with onions, etc.! Yum!

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