Friday, October 9, 2015

Weigh In Friday - Chocolate Makes Everything Better

Hey there,

It's Friday's post again and I let one week slip by without writing another post between my Friday's posts. First of all, I want to address an issue that has been bothering me a little. Some of you guys feel concerned about my digestive issues and I want to say I'm sorry my posts are making you worry. I don't enjoy making you guys suffer. And I know it must be horrible "watching" me go thru the symptoms week after week. Seeing how I'm still continuing to blog about my on-going digestive saga, I want to say this. Other than the digestive thingy, I am in good health. I can eat, poop and dance!

The last 7 days haven't been all bad. It started out really bad, like reliving July 2015 all over again - headaches all the time. I took the doctor's advice and spent most of my time making sure I don't get hungry. Other than 3 main meals a day, I fed myself oatmilk, energy bar, apple juice, salad, banana and buckwheat seaweed. There was just one occasion when I got horribly hungry. I made the mistake of cleaning the kitchen and it wiped me out. When the hunger came fast, it was too late to fix it. I could feel my stomach filling up with acid. The doctor is right! The hunger acid gave me such horrible wind and headache I never want to experience it again. I am so vigilant now.

I am getting better at taking care of my diet, spreading out my meals and it has paid off. The last 3 days have been so great for me. Tiny or zero headaches. In fact on Wednesday, I stayed up a bit late because I wanted to enjoy my no headache day! Based on my experience, I know good days come and go so I'm not going to get all depressed when the bad days come again.

Since I'm cooking so much nowadays, I decided to educate myself. It seems there has been a gap in my education. I've never learnt to cook. My mother probably decided I was too clumsy in the kitchen to risk injuring her youngest daughter. During my time in school, I was a tomboy and opted for technical work instead of home economics. Nope, I can't build anything! Nowadays, schools teach both to all students. After I was married and living on our own, hubs taught me to cook. He isn't a very good cook so I think that's why I'm not a very good cook either. Cooking for my kids has forced me to try out recipes from cookbooks and based on that, I've managed to feed my kids over the years. Fortunately they are not fussy about mom's cooking. They eat anything I cook. Anyway, I thought it would benefit me to watch cooking DVDs and I borrowed a few from the library. I watch anything and everything. I think I can absorb at most 10% of the knowledge. I also fall asleep watching the DVDs. Somehow or other, I have gone thru' half the DVDs and it's frightening how little I know about cooking. I have started to apply a bit of what I've learnt when I make food for myself.

For instance, I made my own salad dressing. I cannot believe it's mostly olive oil, salt, pepper and mustard! I've always thought it's some magical sauce. So exciting.

I was planning to cook lasagne for my kids (first time) but I couldn't figure out if I need to boil the lasagne first. The information is in foreign language. Does anyone know?

I have also started to add fruits to my meals. Here I have added pluots which taste like plums. Traditionally, we eat fruits after a meal. But I read that for people with acid issues, it might be too much food. If I consider fruits as part of my meal, I will reduce the portions for protein and vege and thus ensure I don't get full. This constant need to balance between not hungry and not full is really tricky.

Oh, I tried chocolate Oatly drink. It's AMAZING. It tastes exactly like chocolate drink. I can't remember the last time I had chocolate anything. The only thing is I need to travel  to 4 train stations away to get it. Yesterday I asked the Organic store near my home to stock this drink and the lady said she will talk to her boss. I don't feel optimistic. I told the lady they already stock Oatly. Why don't they stock the chocolate version? Seriously if I have a ready customer, I would jump at the chance.

It's weigh-in time! My weight still holds steady at 55.9kg. It's a loss of 100g from last week. I expect my weight to hover around 56kg for a while.

9th Oct 2015 - 55.9kg
2nd Oct 2015 - 56kg
25th Sep 2015 - 55.9kg
18th Sep 2015 - 56.4kg
11th Sep 2015 - 57.1kg
4th Sep 2015 - 57.8kg
28th Aug 2015 - 58kg
21st Aug 2015 - 58.8kg
14th Aug 2015 - 58.9kg
7th Aug 2015 - 59.9kg
21st July 2015 - 63kg

By the way, I went to hang out with my bff on Monday and this girl has known me since I was 16. Know what she said?
You don't look like you have lost 7kg!


Linda said...

Good for you for learning to cook. ( yes, boil the lasagna noodles until they are almost tenderlike spaghetti. They will cook a little more when you bake your lasagna in the oven.)
My husband, who happens to be a chemist, is also learning to cook. He is having a lot of fun with it and watches a lot of YouTube videos to see how to make specific dishes. Being a scientist, he is very precise with measurements and techniques where I tend to hurry through and improvise. We cook a restaurant quality meal every weekend just for fun. It's nice sharing the experience.

Chris H said...

That wasn't nice of your friend! You must be TINY at 55 kilos. I would be for sure.
I hope the stomach issues settle down for you.
My blog will be public again tomorrow, I've been private for a week, just taking a break.

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