Friday, October 23, 2015

Weigh In Friday - Garbage In Garbage Out

Hi guys,

I fell off the wagon. Last 7 days, I ate a lot of crap as in sweet stuff, carbs, very little veggies and twice I had KFC.
On my Instagram I posted a pic of luncheon meat which was one of my lunches. Since Friday is my full disclosure post, I want to declare I had luncheon meat for lunch AND dinner. And one day after an evil oily meal of dim sum at Tim Wan Ho, I had mochi. Mochi is nothing but sweet and carbs.

What happened? One day I woke up and told myself I'm not going to eat these tasteless cardboard shit anymore. Instead I ate everything I wanted to eat. It's bound to happen, right? So I was expecting my weight to shoot up because I could actually feel myself putting on weight. Anyway, this morning I checked my weight and indeed I did gain weight. If I hadn't gained weight I would have been very concerned. But no worries. I can still put on weight like everyone else.

I'm glad I do these Friday's posts because it helps me to wake up. The next 7 days I'm going to be more careful with my diet. Plus all that bingeing did me no favours in the wind/headache department. I don't think I had a single day without headaches. In spite of the headaches, I dug out the bag pattern I had started months ago and continued working on it. In the past I would not be able to do anything that requires thinking or concentration if I have a headache. But this week, I had headaches every day and instead of waiting for a no-headache window, I worked through the headaches. I could take photos with a headache. I could use Illustrator with a headache. I could use Photoshop with a headache. You get the point. This is an amazing breakthrough for me. I think I have reached a new pain tolerance. Hubs said this is my new normal. I'm not saying I can work through any pain. I'm no hero. For the crippling headaches, I still crawl into bed and sleep it off.

I want to show you the snacks I've been shoving down my throat. 

Despite the name, it's not that wholesome. It's very sweet and very addictive.

These seaweed crisps are also very delicious. I like the buckwheat one more. This one has sesame. I wonder how much buckwheat goes into each crisp. Also very addictive and it's not fat free.

This is a new oatcake I tried out. I blame this for my falling off the wagon. It is the most tasteless food in the whole world.

I bought another pack of Wasa biscuits. The "original" was really hard and tasted like cardboard. I managed to finish them with the help of jam and nutella. This one called delikatess (what does it mean?) tasted slightly better and best of all, they are less hard so I don't feel like my teeth are breaking every time I take a bite.

This morning I took my weight and I weighed 56.5kg. It's not that bad. I only gained 0.5kg. If I continue to gain more weight I will be very sad. Hoping to do better at my healthy diet and it's time to exercise again. I've been very, very lazy.

23rd Oct 2015 - 56.5kg
16th Oct 2015 - 56kg
9th Oct 2015 - 55.9kg
2nd Oct 2015 - 56kg
25th Sep 2015 - 55.9kg
18th Sep 2015 - 56.4kg
11th Sep 2015 - 57.1kg
4th Sep 2015 - 57.8kg
28th Aug 2015 - 58kg
21st Aug 2015 - 58.8kg
14th Aug 2015 - 58.9kg
7th Aug 2015 - 59.9kg
21st July 2015 - 63kg


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