Monday, July 11, 2016

Compressport Run 2016

Yesterday was Sunday. You know what most people do on Sunday? Sleep in. Not us. We go running early in the morning. Hub's "prison break" alarm went off at 5am and finally after 15 min, we dragged our asses off the bed to get ready for Compressport Run which was held in the eastern part of Singapore.

I don't even remember signing up for this run. But I did. I don't regret signing up for the run. I just wish it doesn't have to be so early in the morning. We had to take a taxi and we didn't really know the exact location of the starting point. We did find it. Unfortunately after we alighted from the taxi, we couldn't cross the road because there was a road divider. We ended up walking to a overhead bridge near by.

I wondered how hubs had the energy because he had finished work just a few hours before the run so he had only a couple of hours of sleep.

I had tons of energy.

 These are the 10km runners. The start time: 6:30am.

My start time was 7:30 am. I spent 1 hour doing nothing, just slapping insects from my legs.

These 2 guys did the flag off. The one on the right had already completed his 10km run. The one on the left was wearing slippers so I don't think he ran at all.

Good ol' hubs was there to capture my "dash" to the finish line.

Overall, the route was not bad. The paths were really wide most of the time except for a few small areas which is acceptable. The sun didn't shine in my face and it was pretty shady. We ran past the Kallang river and at two particular points, it stank like oh mother crap. I started out very slow, as always. I was right in front of the start line but once the horn was sounded, everyone took off like lightning. I found myself at the back of the pack. So disheartening. At the 3km mark, I noticed I was catching up as some runners had run out of steam. The last 500m, I ran a bit faster and that probably explains why my timing improved! My usual timing is around 45min.

 Carbonated 100 plus. Yuk.

To answer your question, no, I had no idea I had a hanky on my shoulder.

Now to test what kind of metal the medal is made of.

The best part is clowning around in an empty train on the way home.


xiaofu said...

Nice! I went too, but I did the 10km. Thigh muscle ached till Wed >.<||

Projects By Jane said...

Hi xiofu, you must be very good to be able to do 10km. If I were to do it, I would not be able to walk for a whole week!

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