Sunday, June 26, 2016

Performance Series #2

This morning was the 2nd run in the Performance Series me and hubs had signed up for. For a change, the run was closer to my home. It was just a few train stations away at Chinese Garden. Years ago, I used to live in the area!

Chinese Garden is not a particularly interesting garden, just water and grass and trees. The only interesting feature is the pagoda.

We tried to get our photos with the pagoda in the background but the sun was in our eyes. How does hubs keep his eyes open?

I wore my Puma tee. It's my favourite running tee because it has a designed "hole" at the back - makes me feel the breeze. I wore my new Puma shorts which hubs bravely bought for me after consulting with me about the size over the phone. Luckily it fits but I can't grow any fatter. This pair of shorts is quite different as it has 2 layers. The inner layer is tight fitting while the outer layer is like a regular pair of shorts. I wore my favourite Adidas tempo 7 boost shoes. They are the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. Which turned out to be a mistake because it got really muddy.

 Before. Sparkling.

After. Like dragged through hell. This despite tiptoeing through the field. I was hoping hubs would carry me over the mud but he didn't. But he washed my shoes for me.

This was the route. It wasn't pretty boring except in the beginning at the Start line when a GIANT wasp tried to attack me. Either that or I walked into it. What I didn't like about the run was the hot sun beating down mercilessly on us. There weren't any tall buildings to shield us. NOTHING.

Hubs finished earlier than me and was able to take pics of me at the finish line. I love to clown around towards the end.

No bananas were provided so here's a obligatory shot of me drinking Lucozade which is not a nice drink. There's a after taste. My face really got burnt by the sun.

2 down. 3 more runs to go.

The medal.

My timing was not bad. 40 to 45min is more or less what I'm capable of. I was a bit worried about this run because I did not run or walk much in June. The last 2 weeks I was on allergy meds and it made me a little loopy so I basically sat in front of the computer all day. Anyway, I feel energized again and I hope to keep fit in July.


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