Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dutch Egg Cakes

I rarely bake because I'm not good at it. Although I can follow recipe and am of average intelligence, most of my baked goods come out really bad. I don't know why.

This morning I ventured into baking again because I saw this recipe for Dutch Egg Cakes and it looked so easy. How could I go wrong? Plus, I really wanted to eat Dutch Egg Cakes.

The recipe only calls for flour, baking powder, eggs and a pinch of salt. I was really happy no butter was needed because it makes everything so icky. The only issue for me was I planned to use whole wheat flour instead of regular flour. I wondered how that would affect the result?

I bought King Arthur Whole Wheat Flour from Cold Storage. I find that in Singapore, whole wheat flour is not easily available. I guess most people prefer the regular white flour.

The recipe is easy. I thought the most difficult part is beating the eggs with the sugar to get a foam. I got hubs to do the beating for me. I considered using a machine to do it but I couldn't remember where I put the mixer. Anyway, hubs put a lot of effort into the beating but it didn't look foamy.

After mixing the flour with the egg mixture, I let it sit for a while covered with a towel. I don't know why I have to do this. I followed the recipe and instructions found on this blog post here. After I took the towel away, I noticed the mixture was a bit thick, not at all swirly.

This is what my egg cakes look like after I took them out of the oven. As always, I baked a bit too long. Also, I think the cakes are a bit flat because hubs couldn't get the eggs foamy.

They were pretty good!

 Hubs ate THREE.

Son ate one. He said it was OKAY. That translates to good because he doesn't like to try new food.

I ate two and my girl ate one. My girl didn't like it because she said the texture of the cake was similar to bread and she hates bread.

Will I bake these Dutch egg cakes again? Oh yes, definitely. Next time I will do the following:
1. Use a mixer to beat the eggs and sugar.
2. Use large eggs. I thought the texture was a bit dry.

The recipe used all purpose flour and I followed the exact amount. I do wonder if this is correct. Is it a 1:1 substitution? The recipe also used vanilla sugar. I don't know what that is or where to buy it. I found another recipe on this blog post here which does not use vanilla sugar but uses lemon zest. Maybe I will try that next time.

Whole wheat flour does taste different from regular white flour but I don't mind it. After a year of eating alternative food, my taste buds have changed.


Christel said...

Hi Jane! I kinda love baking too, but I almost always succeed only on my 2nd or 3rd attempt :\ I don't think I've heard of whole wheat flour, though "cake flour", "all-purpose flour" are pretty common in the supermarkets. All the best for your next batch of Dutch egg cakes :)

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Christel,

Whole wheat flour is a healthier flour as the entire wheat berry is milled. It is darker and denser than all purpose flour and maybe doesn't taste as good (in the beginning). But it grows on you. There is "white whole wheat flour" which is closer to all purpose flour but healthier. However, I couldn't find it at Cold Storage.

tammy said...

Hi Jane! I used to bake all the time and at one point switched to using whole wheat flour - but I found that swapping out only up to 1/2 the recipe works best. In other words, for every 1 cup of all purpose flour called for, it's best to use 1/2 cup all purpose & 1/2 cup whole wheat. It's definitely heavier. the KingArthur flour website has a lot of info & they have whole wheat flour cookbooks, too. Their store is about an hour drive from my house, it's a quaint place & has a great bakery... I will have to visit again sometime soon.
And.. vanilla sugar is what you get if you store sugar with a split vanilla bean in the package. Over time the sugar just tastes/smells like vanilla. You can keep adding more sugar to the container as you use it to perpetuate the vanilla infusion.

I seriously used to bake bread and cookies and cake daily, then one day gave it all up and now I don't enjoy any of it as much. I definitely eat cake and cookies still, but don't make them myself that often.

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