Monday, June 6, 2016

I made the switch

Since 2011, I have been using my beloved Dell desktop. This is where I wrote all my blog posts, my tutorials, bag patterns and digital drawings. This is where I sit for hours watching endless Kdramas, sitcoms and crime drama. The desktop uses Windows 7 and for a long time, I resisted upgrading to Windows 10 because I didn't want to change anything. Plus, my kids have a desktop and it came with Windows 8 and the interface is horrible, very un-window-like.

Last week hubs bought me a new Dell desktop. One of the reasons was my old Dell is getting old and cranky and it's only a matter of time before it died. I wouldn't have minded hanging on to it but hubs likes to buy PCs during the PC show which was last week. And so I have a new computer. And hubs gets my old one which has all his itunes and stuff so it all works out.

My new Dell looks exactly like my old Dell except it comes with Windows 10. Oh no, the dreaded Windows 10... Actually, it wasn't so bad. Windows 10 is a lot like Windows 7 but with extra stuff. So I am quite happy with it. I have been exploring it and I've discovered I like the following features:

1. Windows 10 has this "Task View" which is so perfect for me. I'm the kind of person who likes to see at a glance all the stuff I have opened. In Windows 7, I have the Alt+tab but that's more like a toggle. I love "Task View". I use it to navigate all the time.

My Task View - I love being able to see all my tasks on the screen!

2. Windows 10 took print screen to the next level! When I do a print screen, the image gets saved to One Drive. There is no need to put it in a image editor right away which was what I used to do. Eventually when I want to use the image, I can share/edit/print/etc or convert to a pdf! How cool is that?

3. Candy Crush Soda Saga came pre-installed. Please! Someone get me off this game! I'm at level 29 and I can't get past it. It's driving me insane.

There are one or two things I don't like about Windows 10 but I think I can get used to it. (New Folder is one of them)

I think there is a feature called virtual desktop where you can have more than one desktop but I don't think it suits me. I don't even use Snap which I think is already available in Windows 7. In fact I think these are features which suit hubs because he likes to multi-task at the computer.

One of my worries, unrelated to Windows 10 when moving to a new computer was that I would lose all my bookmarks on my Firefox browser. Imagine 5 years' worth of bookmarks. Then I discovered that all I have to do to import my bookmarks was to create an account on Firefox, log in to the old pc and decide what I want to import. Next on my new computer, I log in to Firefox and all my bookmarks magically appear. What a relief!

I have been slowly transferring my data and re-installing my Adobe programs to my new desktop. I'm almost done. I'm down to my Wacom tablet. Can you imagine? I have to re-do all the itty bitty settings all over again. Grr.


tammy said...

So brave. I'm terrified to switch to Windows 10, but will do the same as you - instead of upgrading, will just wait until the day I need a new computer and do it all at once. But at least, reading your post, it doesn't sound all that awful.

Kate said...

First thing I did on Windows 10 was to remove the link to Candy Crush. I already waste enough time at my computer! Have fun!

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