Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pattern shop updates

Recently I made a change to my Etsy shop to accept Direct Checkout. To my customers, it just means more methods of payment are available.

Previously, I only accept payment by paypal. Now you will see 2 options - the default points to the card you have registered with Etsy. After you click "proceed to checkout", there is an option to change the card and you can also pay with Etsy gift card or Apple Pay where available.

The second option is Paypal. If you prefer to pay with your paypal account, that option is still there. Nothing has changed. Through the Paypal option, you can also pay using a debit or credit card (without having to own a paypal account).

Hopefully, this will be a win-win for me and my customers.

In other news, my other shop at Luulla will be slowly phased out. Most of you probably don't know I have a Luulla shop. I haven't sold many patterns at this site so I don't feel motivated to carry on. Plus this ancient site still does not support instant download so I need to manually email every buyer. Recently I needed to relist a pattern and discovered I had run out of store credits. At Luulla, you can pay by month and relist as many as you want or you pay as you go. To do that I used to buy $10 store credits. Now the minimum is a $30 store credit. I decided I don't want to give Luulla my 30 bucks. So once I sell the remaining patterns or they expire, the shop will be shut.

Anyhoos, I still have my Craftsy shop.


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