Monday, September 5, 2016


It's been 18 days since I had my gallbladder removed. When it first happened, everything went so quickly I did not have a chance to feel afraid or wonder if it is the right decision. After the op, I had a lot of time to think and reflect. Especially those 4 long nights in the hospital when I literally stared into space.

One of the thoughts that kept entering my mind was I need to take much better care of myself. Although the doctor said there is no definitive answer as to why some people have problems with gallbladder, I think my lifestyle must have contributed in one way or another. I struggled with digestive issues for most of my life. As hubs puts it, "food is my enemy." If I had been more persistent in seeking out the right doctors earlier, perhaps I could have saved my gallbladder. Another factor that could have contributed is I don't eat in moderation. I don't mean I eat a lot. Because I don't like a large variety of food, whenever I like anything, I would eat a lot of it, like daily until I get sick. Did I ever tell you the time when I lived with my mother-in-law? One time she went on an overseas tour and before that she cooked me a huge pot of curry chicken because you know, I lurve curry chicken. Guess what? I ate the curry chicken every single day for one week. And I got sooooo sick. That's the kind of person I was when I had my gallbladder.

Today I went for a post-op check-up at the hospital. My doctor said I'm healing very well, wound wise. Also, great news. My gallbladder, according to the pathologist is not cancerous. Honestly, that wasn't even on my mind at all. I do feel well although I can't eat as much as before at one sitting. It's no big deal. I just eat more times a day than regular people. Ha ha, I'll probably get fat again. The issue with my taste has not been completely resolved. Thankfully, the bitterness and ultra saltiness have disappeared. However, food does not taste as good as before. The doctor says this post-op effect on the taste is not common but should go away on its own. If not, I'm screwed. (my words, not his) Hubs thinks I should eat food I don't usually eat instead of eating food I used to like and finding I don't like them anymore because the taste is different.

So I've occasionally ventured out of my comfort zone and ordered food that I would never eat before. Like this braised duck noodles. It doesn't taste bad but it's not something I consider enjoyable.

So yeah. I've started eating in moderation. I try not to eat the same food 2 days in a row if I can help it. Fruits still taste great which is one area I could go nuts. But I've been very disciplined. I've allowed myself one orange a day. Those days of eating several oranges a day are over. I also allow myself one other fruit like apples, grapes or bananas. Ideally, I will eat a fruit that I normally don't eat at least once a week.

Another thought that has been occupying my mind lately is clutter. After spending 5 days at the hospital owning so little material stuff, I have started to resent the clutter in my home. In all honesty, it's not possible for me to simply throw our stuff away. However, I have started decluttering some areas in my home. It's not much but it's a start.

I started with the fridge.
We have this system for our fridge: the top compartment is for hubs' stuff. Next is mine and the third compartment is for our kids. The last two drawers are for vegetables and meat.


Most of the junk in our fridge are packets of sauce and takeaway chopsticks, forks and spoons. I was too lazy to go through the expiry dates of the packets of sauce and seriously we don't need any of the takeaway chopsticks, forks and spoons. So I threw them away.

This is the after photo of the fridge. Actually not much has changed!!!

I am the only person in my home interested in decluttering so it's quite an uphill task doing it on my own. I do intend to tackle a small area in my home every day until I'm satisfied. It'll probably take me one whole year at the rate I'm going.

One other thing I've been thinking about in relation to decluttering is not to buy more stuff. Having said that, today I totally went nuts and bought 3 pairs of sandals. I had given my black Teva sandals to my daughter and my current 10 year old black ipanema sandals was in danger of splitting into two. It's going to be hard - this not buying more stuff.

I have come up with a list of stuff I will absolutely not buy unless my life depends on it. (I did not include sandals and shoes!)

• craft books
• any book
• fabric
• magazines
• pants
• craft supplies
• new hobby stuff
• notebooks
• containers
• bags

Hopefully, this will help control the clutter in my home.


Sandra :) said...

I'm allergic to your list of things not to buy :D

I'm glad you're healing well, and that you got good results from the pathologist :) I'm with you on the decluttering, except when it comes to my craft room :D When we order Mandarin (YUM) take-out, I tell them not to include the bag of condiments - we don't use any of them, so they just go in the garbage. They don't send chopsticks, but I'm the only one that uses them, and I have nice ones :) The only other thing we order for delivery is pizza, and it doesn't come with any little packages :D I believe my husband thinks I'm the only person in the world that has food go bad in the fridge or go past expiry - I'm pretty sure I'm not, but it's definitely an area that I could improve! The expiry dates on foods are usually really tiny - it's very easy to miss them!

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