Tuesday, November 29, 2016

One North Run

On Sunday, we dragged our ass out of bed at 5:30 am to go for One North Run. It's a run which raises money for charity. It's a road run mostly around the buildings at one north.

We called for a taxi and at first I was very happy because we got a Mercedes. But I got pissed off real fast because the driver was smoking while waiting for us. After we got into the taxi, he continued standing outside trying to squeeze out the remaining puffs. Since I have a super sensitive nose, I get annoyed being around 2nd hand smoke. After the driver started driving, he said he needed to pump air into his car tyre because they weren't balanced. So he drove to a nearby petrol station to do it. I think ensuring your taxi is in good condition before you take any phone booking is the decent thing to do. Still hubs was pretty zen about it and let me tell you, he can get ragey sometimes. Finally, we were on our way. It was raining quite heavily by the way but we decided to go anyway. Then the driver took us to the wrong location. In the end we had to google map for him so he could make his way there. It cost us $25! It was actually $26.xx but he gave us a discount. Amazingly, we did not get super angry about it. Maybe we were still in sleep mode. Meanwhile, the rain had become a light drizzle.

The start point was at Mediapolis which is where the local broadcasting station is located.

Although it was just a light drizzle, on and off, the organizer couldn't make up its mind whether to cancel the 10km run which hubs had signed up for. Mine was 5km.

So we waited and waited. Around 7:45am, it was finally cancelled. But my 5km run was on. Around 8:15am, the first wave was flagged off. I was in the second wave, at the back of the pack. Many 10km runners joined the 5km runners. So did hubs. Half a route is better than none, right?

We saw a few interesting buildings along the way. The photo above - I noticed 3 buildings were joined by bridges. I wonder why that's necessary. The event organizer didn't bother to put up any signs indicating remaining distance to run. It was a run until you see the finish line kind of run.

Hubs finished way faster and came back to take photos of my dash to the finish line except he missed it. (because I ran too fast)

Officially my timing based on the chip I wore on my shoe was 42 min 43 secs.

Despite the wet ground and lack of practice runs, I did very well.  By the way, for once, I wore the t-shirt provided. It was cold and I needed sleeves.

Another medal to throw in my "medal cabinet".  I have 2 more runs to go for 2016!


Bethany said...

I have a few problems with this post. Starting with "up at 5:30" and then "in the rain" and then "running," haha. Good for you!

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