Thursday, December 15, 2016

Magic Bread

My eyes love shiny stuff and anything with the word magic magically draws me in. When I was making The Sultanas of Plait in this post, I came across a few blog posts on other books by Alex Goh and one of the books was "Magic Bread".  I had to make it! I looked up the library but I couldn't find any English versions of the book. The elusiveness of the book made me ever more determined to make the magic bread. A number of blogs had published the magic bread recipe and today I gave it a go. I kinda followed this blog's recipe.

gelatinised dough

sponge dough

The magic bread has to be made the night before you make the actual dough. First you need to make a gelatinised dough which is just mixing boiling water with flour. The other thing is a sponge dough which is just a small amount of flour, water and yeast mixed together. Both are kept refrigerated overnight.

I don't fully understand the science behind the gelatinised dough. I think it's to aid the retention of moisture. When I mixed the boiling water with the flour, I noticed the flour became swollen with the water. Very interesting theory.

In the morning, I mixed the gelatinised dough, the sponge dough plus all the ingredients in the main dough in my Kenwood machine. For once, I was thankful my Kenwood is quite strong. This recipe requires a lot power. Because the mixture is so sticky, I think doing it by hand would have been so hard.

I tried to follow the recipe instructions as much as possible and I'm fairly sure I did everything right. Except after I put the dough in the oven, I forgot to set my timer. I don't use the oven timer because it's not very accurate. I was killing time watching a Korean drama when I suddenly realised my timer hadn't gone off. I checked my phone and nearly fainted. I forgot to press Start. I had no idea how long my bread had been baking! I decided to use the thermometer to check the temperature and it registered 100 deg C! OMG.

The magic bread felt hard as a rock!

And so so brown all over.

Because it is a magic bread, the inside was so, so soft!

After the bread had cooled down, the crust was less hard but still crusty.

In fact, I think it's a happy accident. I ended up with a crusty outside and nice soft bread on the inside. Hubs will love it.

Indeed a magic bread. You can't go wrong!

I couldn't resist and ate one of the ends. The other one I saved for hubs. The bread tastes good. I think it's going to be hard for me to go back to making straight dough bread after tasting this magic bread.


Ely said...

Wow! I have never seen a gelatinised dough go into a bread dough before. Super interesting. The finished dough looks great.

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Ely, to be honest, I've never heard of gelatinised dough before. So much more to learn. The bread tasted rather good even the day after. We all had it for lunch with some canned meat. Hubs woke up last night very hungry and ate a few slices! It feels so great to be able to feed my family with something I made.

Jane McLellan said...

Interesting! I've never heard of magic bread or gelatinised dough either. My timer has just given up the ghost and I'm lost without it. I need to find a replacement very quickly!

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Jane, I use the timer on my iphone. I just have to remember to press Start!

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