Tuesday, December 6, 2016

My first 10km

I don't know if you remember this but on July 25th this year, I wrote a blog post that I wanted to attempt a 10km run at least once before I die. And if you know hubs, he signed me up for Standard Chartered 2016 10km run immediately.

Well, that was before my gallbladder got busted and I had it removed via keyhole surgery in August. Which kinda spoilt my plan of slowly training for it. I had to take it slow for a month and then when I started running again, I felt really unfit. The surgery really knocked a lot of energy out of me. Finally in November I managed to do 10km one time. So I knew I could do it but it was exhausting.

Well, the Standard Chartered run happened on Sunday. Since it came so close after the One North run last Sunday, I never even got around to do any practice run. As usual, the 5:30am wake up, and since the trains run late on Sundays, we had to take a taxi to as close to the starting point as possible.

I wore my purple running tee so it's easier to spot me in photos.

There were a lot of runners in the 10km category. Most runs we joined in the past were moderate in size. We were so far away from the start line that it took a few "waves" before it was our turn.

Hubs and I didn't run together. We started off together but he was such a fast runner that I told him not to wait for me. He even managed to take photos along the way. I could barely think.

He finished half an hour earlier and went back to catch me in action.

As expected, it was exhausting but I managed to finish it. My right leg hurt a bit right from the start probably due to a lack of warming up. My toes hurt like hell from the 6th km.

My goal was to complete the 10km in under 2 hours and I managed it in 1 hour 34 min. Ha ha, maybe next time I should set a higher goal. I came in 7,854th out of 12,234 finishers. Among women, I came in 2,799 out of 5,328 finishers. I am very satisfied with my result! If you're wondering if I'm going for half-marathon next, I can tell you very firmly it's a 'no'. I'm physically and mentally not fit enough for that kind of endurance.

Sadly, a 29 year old runner in the half-marathon died. He collapsed just 1km before the finish line.


Bethany said...

Wow! Good for you!!!

Jane McLellan said...

Congratulations!! Good to have achieved your aim.

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