Friday, February 17, 2017

Somebody's Baby

Do you know those guys who if you complain about a lack of romance, they'll say, "Oh, I'm not a romantic person." or "I don't know how to be romantic." Or any other lame excuses. You know what those guys really are? Lazy guys. I mean, who is born romantic? Romance comes down to work and effort.

I can't claim to be married to the most romantic guy in the world nor do I want to be. I mean who wants to be romanced all the time, rite? Whatever he lacks, hubs puts a lot of effort into gifts. It almost borders on manic but lets not go there.

So there I was on Valentine's Day morning just minding my own business, playing Candy Crush when hubs casually passed me a heart shaped container.

The Famous Amos container looks very familiar because a long time ago, hubs had rescued a similar container from the trash for me. I opened it and holy shit.

Look what crazy hubs bought me. A flower-flower dress. (He said since I am allergic to pollen the dress print is an alternative flower). You're probably thinking it's a regular dress. It's not.

In January we were shopping for Chinese New Year clothes at Mango when hubs spotted the dress he gifted me. He asked me to try it on which I did but I didn't bother to go to the fitting room. I simply put it over what I was wearing. Hubs was really really keen on the dress because it reminded him of the red maternity dress I used to wear.

Here's a very unfortunate photo of me in 1999 after I had just given birth to my daughter. Look how tiny she is! And that's my son holding a milk bottle. Anyway, that's the maternity dress I used to wear for decades. Yep, long after I was no longer pregnant because it was so comfortable. The dress was a hand-me-down from my mother's ex-colleague. I don't know if that woman bought the dress or if it was a hand-me-down for her as well. A year or two ago, I retired the dress because it had too many holes and I felt it had served its time.

The funny thing is at first hubs used to complain that I wore that red maternity dress all the time. When I stopped wearing it, he started to miss it and lobbied for it to make its appearance. So I wore it regularly again. When I told hubs the maternity dress was no longer wearable, he was really sad.

So back to Mango store. Imagine his excitement when he thought he had found a similar dress to replace the original maternity dress. Are you thinking what I'm thinking? What's wrong with this man right? Why does he like me in a dress that reminded him of the time when I was pregnant? Well, I did ask him and he said I always looked so comfortable in the dress and also the dress was red which is a colour I usually avoid and he believes I look good in red.

Anyway, I told hubs I didn't want to buy the dress because it was sleeveless and I don't like to wear sleeveless clothes anymore. Plus I thought the dress made me look fat. Thankfully, the dress was not on sale and hubs did not force me to buy it. Hubs has one rule for buying stuff. It has to be on sale.

I guess he must have really obsessed over the red Mango dress because the crazy man went back to the shop this week and bought the dress. It wasn't even on sale so the poor guy had to pay full price. Gosh, the poor bugger must love me so much! I think the dress is not bad really. I particularly like how it's so twirly. Hubs wanted to know why I'm so anti-sleeveless and I had to admit that it's because I don't shave. Sorry, TMI.  I've never ever shaved mostly because I'm afraid to use a razor on myself. Hubs said I should go ahead and wear the dress comfortably and not have to worry about my unshaven armpit. So alright then. Look out, world!

Today after waking up from a 4 hour late morning nap, I decided to take a few photos of me in the dress. Yes, don't adjust your monitor. I usually look puffy after waking up. And if you're wondering, yes I gained some girth having unwisely stopped exercising despite eating lots of bread from my bread making.

I had quite a bit of problem operating my camera to auto-snap. Dem Nikon.

You're probably wondering what I got hubs for Valentine's Day. Well, first of all, we don't do Valentine's Day anymore. So I wasn't expecting anything which means I didn't buy him any gift. But I did spend the entire day before Valentine's Day cleaning, vacuuming, mopping the living room and kitchen. So on Valentine's Day, hubs had a clean living room and kitchen. I mean if being on my knees, scrubbing, cleaning all day doesn't say love, I don't know what does.

And what did you get for Valentine's Day?


Anonymous said...

Mango is nicer on you.

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