Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tutorial - How to sew a lined patch pocket

Remember the Sailor Top dress I made a while back? I sewed patch pockets to the dress and I toyed with the idea of writing a tutorial for a lined patch pocket. But I forgot to take photos of the steps and yesterday I finally got down to taking pics and writing the tute. Sorry, the weather was bad when I took the pics so they were taken indoors and my camera did not like me.

Making a lined patch pocket requires just a tiny bit more effort and fabric but isn't it nice when you reach into your pocket and you don't feel any raw edges? You can use my tute to sew a lined patch pocket on a skirt, dress or even a bag. The method is the same.

Step 1: Click on this link and download the pocket template. Use Adobe Reader to print it at 100% or actual size. Cut out the template.

The finished size of this pocket is 6 inch across and 6 3/8 inch tall. Feel free to modify the size to suit your needs.

Step 2:
Iron your pocket fabric. Fold in half right sides together. Place template on fabric. Take note you need to place the top of template on the fold.
Pin template to fabric if necessary and cut exactly on outline of template. You will cut through 2 layers of fabric.

This is my cut pocket fabric when unfolded.

Optional: You can interface the fabric or not. I'm skipping the interfacing because YOLO.

Step 3:
Right sides together, pocket fabric folded in half, iron out the wrinkles.

Now you sew by following the instructions on the pic above. The 2 inches of large stitching is to create an opening for turning right side out.

Step 4:
Trim seam allowance and cut notches around the curved corners.
Iron seams open.
Unpick the 2 inches of large stitches.

Option: Instead of cutting notches around the curved corners (which I hate to do), I used a pinking scissors to cut my seam allowances.

Turn pocket right side out.
Use a knitting needle to poke at the corners.
Iron out the wrinkles. Pay attention to the 2 inch gap. The seams should be folded nicely as if there wasn't a gap.

Place pocket on the skirt/dress/bag fabric you want to sew to. Pin.

Sew pocket to skirt/dress/bag fabric by following the instructions above. Sew close to the edge of pocket.

Take a look at the pic above to see how you should position your fabric on the sewing machine when you make the first stitch.

You should get something like this or way neater! This is how I like to sew my patch pockets.

Neve has claimed the pocket!


Tammy said...

I like how neat this looks, and professional. I always know that it's the details that make something look nice, but by the time I finish an item I'm usually so exhausted I don't bother with finishing or pockets.

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