Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Breakfast at Capital Cafe, Hong Kong

The third morning we were in Hong Kong, we had to go to Hong Kong island for our Walking tour. So we decided to have our breakfast at Capital cafe since it was just 2 MTR stations away from where we had to meet our tour guide.

A local food blogger called Capital cafe "Australia Co with good service". Australia Co is famous for its bad service. Although we didn't get any scolding while eating at Australia Co, the atmosphere was tense.

The Capital Cafe we went to is located in Wan Chai in one of those many little streets that are found all over Hong Kong. Unlike Australia Co, this cafe is not noisy. It's rather pleasant and not too packed. Although there were other seats available, the waiter ushered us to a cosy little booth for two.

Capital Cafe sells the same kind of food as Australia Dairy Co. And surprise! They have menus in English! You know what that means right? The waiters speak English!!! Hubs ordered the breakfast set and since I wasn't keen to eat another scrambled egg, I decided to order a luncheon meat sandwich which I was craving.

Hubs' breakfast set consisted of macaroni in soup with ham, buttered toast and scrambled eggs. I forgot how much but it's around Australia Dairy Co kind of price.  Hubs found the food agreeable and he said the scrambled egg tasted the same as Australia Dairy Co. I'm sure some purists might disagree.

I forgot to ask for my sandwich to be toasted. In Singapore when you order a sandwich, you're usually asked if you want it toasted so I guess I forgot. I felt the bread was sliced a bit too thick. If it were thinner by 1/8" it would have been perfect. Yes, I'm a super duper fussy eater. The milk tea was exactly right though.

 Hubs was kind enough to exchange one slice of his toasted bread for mine.

I tried hubs' macaroni and soup and the soup tastes like canned soup. I wonder why Hongkongers like it?

You can see from the photo above we were both given 2 glasses of semi filled tea coloured water. Yes, I drank it as well. Why don't the waiters give us clean utensils instead of expecting us to use that water to wash them?

The cafe is not exactly large but the tables are spaced out so you don't feel claustrophobic.

There were photos of celebrities on the wall. I sat below Leslie Cheung!

I'm so glad we went to Capital Cafe. The nice atmosphere put us in a good mood to start our very, very long day.

Kwong Sang Hong Building
Block B-d
6 Heard Street, Wan Chai
7am to 11pm

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Ely said...

Wow. Yes, the bread was sliced mega thick, but did it taste good? Will you be recreating it at home? And, I am trying to understand the soup. So it was supposed to be like a chicken noodle soup? I wonder how it became a menu breakfast food.

So far I would be starving at breakfast aside from the mega toast...

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Ely, I used to feed my kids macaroni in canned soup when they were little and I had no time to make something decent. They used to love it. But now they're smarter...
The soup tastes like Campbell chicken soup. The bread tastes like regular white bread. It seems HK cafes don't offer wholemeal bread. I was too afraid to ask... The luncheon meat was fried just perfect. Nowadays I bake my own bread and yes I eat luncheon meat with it even tho' I swore off canned food not too long ago.

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