Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Goose or Duck?

It would be insane to visit Hong Kong and not eat goose or so I assumed. That probably explained why we went to a lot of trouble to seek out roast goose.

I've never eaten goose before. I've eaten duck. I don't think I can tell the difference between goose and duck and guess what? I'm right.

Originally we wanted to go to Yat Lok (another famous roast goose place) at 34-38 Stanley Street (because it's cheaper). After forever, we found the tiny little space and there was a long queue outside it. The inside looked quite cramped and hubs said it didn't look that inviting to him. Plus the queue was really long. Serves us right for going right in the middle of lunch time. We decided to walk to Kam's Roast Goose instead. The restaurant was slightly larger and looked more pleasant. There was a far shorter queue. In fact we got in quite quickly after being issued a queue number. Don't ask the cashier how long it will take because she will say: don't know, don't know. But she spoke English! And yes, the menu has English translations.

Lemon tea in Hong Kong comes in all shapes and sizes. It's actually regular black tea with two slices of lemon and you put your own sugar. Our meals also came with one side dish each. We chose cucumbers and fungus.

I was craving something soupy and ordered noodles. Perhaps it was a mistake because wet roast goose is just wrong.

Hubs ordered his with rice. In Singapore roast duck rice is something we can find in most food courts.

 Not a cheap meal.

Hubs and I couldn't tell the difference between goose and duck. It's like we have no taste bud. There's a Kam's Roast in Singapore but it sells duck instead of goose due to import issues I'm guessing. We're definitely going there one day.

G/F Po Wah Commercial Center
226 Hennessy Road, Wanchai

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Tammy said...

Jane, I love reading about your food adventures.

I've had duck in restaurants, but couldn't successfully make it at home. Always enjoyed it but it's usually a duck breast with a sauce on top. I think I tried to cook it at home once but it was just dried out and had not taste.

Then there was the time I cooked a goose at home. So much fat splattered in my oven, I had to clean the oven. Then cleaning the oven with chemicals ruined the floor around the oven. It was a disaster and I'm probably never going to cook a goose at home again (it was really delicious so I won't say it 100% though).

I don't know if they tasted very different, but now you have me thinking I should try them both again and compare.

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