Sunday, June 4, 2017

Performance Series Run - Stadium Riverside Walk

I forgot why but hubs and I signed up for Performance Series Run again. This year it's just 3 runs compared to last year's five. Last Sunday was the first one. Hubs did the 21km run while I did the 10km run. I didn't want to hang around for hours waiting for my flag-off so he went first via the shuttle bus. I was a bit afraid I couldn't wake up at 5:30am so the night before I took my anti-headache pill quite early. Right on the dot at 5:30am my eyes opened. 
The route is the usual - Marina Bay, Gardens By The Bay, etc. I didn't wear the blue running tee because I have a thing about showing my bare arms.

I wore a new pair of Nike shoes and my toes didn't turn black but a few toes hurt. I think it's impossible to find a perfect pair of running shoes.

I didn't run very well because I hadn't gone for any training. I was just too lazy. I tried to catch hubs along the way but he was way ahead of me. After he had finished his run, he came out to catch me sprinting to the finish line.

I couldn't sprint though. I walked quite a bit especially when I hit uphill.

I checked my medal in case there's a screw-up. And I got a finisher tee. This is my first finisher tee!

I wish the word "Finisher" were larger. It's so small you have to look really hard at my chest to see it. I've always envied hub's finisher tee. I know it's a silly envy.

The medal is nice. After you complete 3 runs, the medals can be joined up to form a shape. Well, it won't be as spectacular as last year's shape of Singapore.

I paid dearly for my lack of training. For three days after, my legs hurt like hell. I think this is going to be my last year running 10km. I'm going to switch to swimming because it's better for my neck and spine problems. But I really don't like swimming.


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