Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Knitted bow tie for Bear

I lied. The knitted bow ties are for my girl. (Bear doesn't know) A long time ago, I offered to knit her a bow tie. But I never got around to do it until recently.

I'm quite embarrassed to say this again but I haven't made any progress in knitting. I can knit small flat pieces and that's it. By the way, while knitting these bow ties, I discovered that I am most comfortable knitting continental style although I use the knitting needle more like a crochet hook!

Anyway, I have no time for knitting. I am working on TWO new bag patterns simultaneously. I know. It's stupid. Sooner or later I have to abandon one.

Look at Bear. He's getting stir crazy. I've neglected him horribly. I'm getting a bit stir crazy myself. Recently hubs had several days off and we looked up air ticket prices for a short trip nearby and the prices were crazy. I think it's because it's June, a peak travel period in Singapore due to the school holidays. That kind of money for such a short trip, I think it's better used on food for our kids.

Excuse me while I give Bear a tummy tickle. Look at the bastard's face. Know who else will benefit from a tummy tickle? The Lee siblings. Yes, the offspring of Lee Kuan Yew. Have you heard that Singapore's PM is in a public feud with his siblings. Read here, here or here if you haven't. At first, it was intriguing. But after so many weeks of back and forth accusations, often repeating over and over what had been said, it's getting tiring. The PM has arranged for a July 3rd Parliament date to address the allegations made by his brother and sister. I don't think the PM's siblings are invited to the Parliament sessions so I doubt they will stop their facebook posts. Maybe a tummy tickle might do the trick?

Me: Stop saying I'm dishonest.
Bear: I won't.
Me: <tickle Bear's tummy> Stop calling my committee a secret committee.
Bear: <giggle> Nooooooo.
Me: Stop posting shit about me on Facebook! <non-stop tickle Bear's tummy>
Bear: <giggle, giggle, giggle> okay, okay. <giggle, giggle, giggle>  I surrender.


Ely said...

Tummy tickles for the win!

But seriously this is a confusing issue. The younger siblings are saying the PM is blocking the demolition of their father's home for his own political reasons, yet the younger sister still lives there? But then demolition can't begin until she moves out anyways...

And the point of this public feuding?

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Ely, yes it is very confusing because the 3 ppl involved don't tell the whole story of what's going on, just bits and pieces. The will does allow the younger sister to live at the house as long as she wants - me thinks as a guardian to prevent whatnot. Since she is on the demolition camp, if demolition is allowed, she will have no issue moving out. I think ultimately what they wanted was a commitment to demolish - can be now or in future. The issue is not over money as some ppl believe.

The point of the public feud? This is just my guess - to discredit the PM and ultimately for the public to oust him. But in Singapore the PM is not voted by the public. He is chosen by his peers in the party.

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