Thursday, July 6, 2017

Embroidered Shoulder Bag

The weather in Singapore changed this week. Know how I know? My body hurts. I get aches and pains when the weather changes. Some people have gaydar. Me? I have weardar. Thanks!

Bad news for the one or was it two persons waiting for my next bag pattern. Last week I suddenly remembered I had to attend a baking course one day before the start date. I quickly called up the school and was told to "show up". I had signed up for the course last year which in my world is a decade ago. These days I barely remember yesterday. This baking school is new to me but it's been around for a while.

Anyway, the baking course was a disaster in the beginning. It turned out my name wasn't registered at all. Let's just say some one quit and didn't do a proper handover. After the initial hiccup, I was accepted into the class. The inadequacy of the admin dept is a clue on how the baking class is conducted. If I can find a perfect word, it is chaotic. Perhaps I'm not the best person to give a review because I am biased having attended baking school at BITC, now defunct. You know, suddenly BITC is starting to look very good.

The class I'm in is very large - 15 of us. Odd number because of the &^%$# up. The kitchen is hilariously small. In the beginning my butt kept hitting this other student until I decided to move to the other side of the table.

There is no orientation of any kind. I thought that at the very least, the newbies should be given a tour of the kitchen, what goes where, how to operate the oven and the mixer. Nope. Zero. The teacher assumes you know or will figure it out somehow. You have to push someone to help you.

I don't think I'm dense. But when the teacher gives instructions, I barely understand what to do. After much consultation with the other students and watching out for their mistakes, I am able to do it right.

Despite everything, I did learn a bit and I may possibly be able to add "Puff Pastry" to my repertoire. The course is not over yet. It spans a few weeks because I'm doing it at night. I'm quite regretting doing it at night because it is so so exhausting. After my class I have to spend the next day lying down to recuperate. Sometimes it takes a day and a half. Which is why it will take a while for me to finish my next bag pattern.

Today is supposed to be my recuperation day but early this morning I went with hubs to watch the Spiderman movie, 3D, IMAX. My knees grew weak during some of the scenes. I really thought I might throw up. Oh if you do go see the movie, be sure to stay back for 2 clips during the credits. Don't leave after the first clip. There's one more. Make sure you stay and watch that one.

Oh, I suddenly remembered why I wrote this post. I didn't mean to rant. After I had written the Forever 19 Shoulder Bag pattern, I made this sample using some leftover Ikea fabric from a previous project.
There's something about Ikea fabric that makes me want to embroider on it. Or scribble a marker pen...
Even the top stitch around the bag opening is done by hand.
I showed this bag to hubs and he said it's nice but it's too quilty. In hubs' world, quilty and handmade are not desirable. What do you think of the bag?

The bag pattern is available for sale at my Etsy shop. If you prefer to buy it off my blog, you can click on the "Buy Now" button below (ecommerce by Payhip). Read my faq if it's your first time buying from my blog. p.s. the pattern does not contain any embroidery tips. (i think you know that!)

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Chris H said...

That bag is ADORABLE! I wish I had time to make some lovely bags, but just keeping up with everything else plus my UFO's is enough for me.

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