Tuesday, May 1, 2018

What April Made

April was a hard month for me. I was adjusting to my new "diet" and in the beginning, I slept a lot because I had no energy. Now I'm better at ensuring I get proper nutrition without triggering a stomach upset. As expected, I wasn't very active on #yearofmaking2018 over at Instagram making just a few items. It is what it is.

For my fitness, I did exceedingly well. I ran a total of 6 times. I swam 3 times. I attended my once a week fitness session with Mindy at Fitness Bravo faithfully.

We did lots of stuff that I would normally do like pull. Pulling is hard. I exercise at home as well. But not nearly enough. It's hard to find the motivation. But I'm quite interested in building up my upper body. I've been doing some pulling exercises with elastic bands using my gate as an anchor and I do tabletop push ups every night. I haven't weighed myself since that one time at Fitness Bravo because I didn't want to stress myself. But I've noticed I've lost some fats around my wrists, my hips and my boobs. Basically places I don't need to lose fats. The tummy, buttocks, arms and thighs - these are areas which are harder to slim down. If I eat much, much less food, I believe it can be done. But somehow it's not possible for me to eat less. I should eat less biscuits though. My big weakness is biscuits...

So, the April makes...
I finally finished Harriet The Hen using an imperfect miter method. Then I discovered I have two more of these. Unfinished of course. Why don't I finish anything?

I spat out a beginner pouch pattern. I started on it a long, long, long time ago like 2010 but never got around to finishing it. I have many such #wip. I can't say this enough. I procrastinate far too much.

I made coasters for my kids - the edges are finished using bindings. My kids actually used them! I would like to make more stuff for my home. Maybe table mats for the kids? Or a table runner. I don't understand the purpose of a table runner though. Wouldn't it be like in the way when you want to use the table?

I've become interested in making clothes again. I love to wear skirts but it's not easy to buy skirts which appeal to me. They're either too small for me or not in the right colour. Have I mentioned before Singapore clothing retail market is made for ridiculously thin people? Yep, for people who do not eat.

I've not made many outfits for myself so it's so important I make a muslin for fit. I used my hideous bed sheet (hubs chose it) which both of us hate and wanted to get rid of. The skirt turned out to be too big for me but I've managed to figure out my correct size so I will sew the skirt soon. I've chosen the fabric from my stash and as soon as I figure out my serger, it's go go go. I dug out my serger to use and couldn't remember how to use it. Ugh. After watching the stupid video on the DVD provided when I bought the serger, I am once again acquainted with the serger and its ways. Somehow the video on the DVD doesn't fast forward but I found the exact same video on youtube and it can. Believe me, I don't want to watch the whole video every time I want to rewatch something. So sometime in May, I should be able to wear my new skirt.

Despite my numerous #UFO, I started another textile art thingy. This was inspired by Inuka, a Singapore born polar bear who was euthanized due to poor health. I'll be honest with you. I was pretty shocked. I mean since when are zoo animals put to death? Didn't our Ah Meng, Singapore's famous orang utan die of old age? In my mind, I thought all zoo animals live to a ripe old age and die naturally. This is a paradigm shift for me. The way Inuka died disturbed me.

Recently, I watched a Korean drama Should We Kiss First and the subject of euthanasia came up. The main character went to Switzerland to consult on assisted suicide as he had terminal cancer. I didn't know foreigners were allowed to request for it. Yep, for a one off 200 swiss franc (no cheques! but paypal okay), you can join this organisation as a member. And the member's privilege? For a cool 10,500 swiss franc, the accompanied suicide deal will take care of everything from doctors exam to cremation. Advance payment required of course. Oh, let's not forget about the air ticket and hotel. Assisted death is not for the poor that's for sure. In Singapore, anyone who attempts suicide can be jailed for up to one year, or fined or both. Btw, criminalization of suicide attempts is being reviewed and I believe the review should be completed this year.

During my intense digestive suffering period, I often thought to myself: How merciful if someone could put me to sleep permanently. Unless you've been where I've been, you won't know the distress and pain which led to such thoughts. But now I'm much better and have a good handle on my food, I'm glad no one took me seriously and put me to sleep.

Coming back to my Inuka textile piece, I intend for it to be an exercise in applique and embroidery even though I actually like it as it is now. I haven't figured out what I'll include but despite my "less is more" philosophy I'm going to blast out some embroidery and applique in May. Don't stop me, ok?


Bethany said...

I like the skirt! But my sister says I have bad taste, so don't go by me.

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