Thursday, May 31, 2018

What May Made

Hi guys,

It's unbelievable but here we are on the last day of May. Times flies when you're not paying attention.  How was May for you? May in Singapore was full of heat and rain and then more rain. It felt like I didn't do much but I was busy every single day. A friend asked me recently if I feel bored staying home most of the time but I can honestly say I'm rarely bored. I guess I always have a To Do list that seems endless so I'm frequently in a crossing another item off the list mode. I think having so many hobbies help.

I did a ton of sewing. In fact I sew every day. But they're not like finished products. Mostly playing around with bag designs. I haven't been active on Instagram for #yearofmaking2018. I kinda forget to take pics of what I do. Also #wip pics just don't appeal to me. Hopefully in June, I'll get cracking again.

So these were made in May...
The Cleo skirt.

And Girl's Sling Bag pattern now available in my Etsy and Craftsy shop. Hey, thanks to the reader who pointed out my spelling error: It's sling, not sing.

Yep. That's it. Does bread count? I started baking bread again. And looking to bake other stuff too. This time I'll be more disciplined and try not to eat too much of my own bakes. I have slimmed down a little bit - the shoulders, wrist, boobs, some parts of my legs and my hips. The tummy is still hanging on for dear life. Do you remember the Ikea Curtain blouse I made last year? I can wear it but it feels like certain part of my upper body has broadened from all the exercising I've been doing.

The exercise bit - I think I did very well in May. The swimming and fitness session at Fitness Bravo still going strong. But the running might have come to an end. I did a Star Wars run and that was it. When I tried to go for a run later, my left leg gave out. It's very weird. I'm taking a break from running to let it recover. It's really frustrating. Age is slowly shutting down different bits of my organs.

With our personal trainer, Mindy who's also my niece
By the way, I cut my hair shorter and my hair stylist said covering my white hair is a losing battle so instead she used a ammonia based lotion to strip my hair of previous hair dye so I can go au naturale. The first time I saw all my white hair uncovered, I ran screaming from the mirror. After a few weeks, I've now grown accustomed to it. I don't know about other people though. I think I look at least 5 years older. You probably can't see my white hair in the photo thanks to the lightning but trust me, they're all over. On the bright side, I get offered seats on the train. And of course I can stop covering up the dem white hair every month. What a pain, right? Do you think this au naturale phase will last or will I cave in the minute someone says: Wah, you look so old. I wonder which relative will be the first to say it to me?

I look like a boy from the back! Hubs loves my short hair.

In case you're wondering what in the world I'm doing holding a ball, me and hubs went to attend a Fitness Bravo anniversary party. Of course we're such country bumpkins expecting to sit around, eat and drink. A gym party involves physical activity.

Such as this.

And this.

It was fun. Very different kind of fun for us.  See you in June.


Bethany said...

You look great, Jane!!! Look at those legs!

Projects By Jane said...

Thanks Bethany! It's from all the swimming and running.

Kate said...

My hair went au naturel when I was 39. I never looked back. My hair started going white at 30 and I couldn't imagine having to colour it every 6 weeks. Nobody noticed. Relax. It is surprising how little attention people pay to your hair.
You have had a busy month. Looking forward to June's finishes.

Projects By Jane said...

You're very brave Kate. Some Chinese lack boundaries, esp those related to you. They think they're doing you a favour bringing to your attention how fat/old you look in case you're oblivious.

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