Tuesday, June 12, 2018

$20 Million Selfie

So you guys heard about the historic Trump-Kim summit which took place today in Singapore? Dunno? Don't care? Well, it happened.

In the lead up to the summit, our prime minister revealed that Singapore was footing the bill for hosting the summit. The total cost which covers security, communication, food etc including the North Koreans' hotel stay came to a staggering $20 million (plus minus). Thankfully the Americans are paying for their own lodging. Whew!

When I first learnt about the $20 million, I was like wtf! But in the end, someone has to shoulder the cost and like what our prime minister has said, it's in our profound interest for regional peace. Plus we get our country in the history book. Woo hoo!

Hubs meanwhile was busy racking his brain for ideas on how to help the North Koreans raise money for their accommodation. "Inspired" by two Trump-Kim impersonators who flew into Singapore to cash in on the summit - charging $15 for selfies, hubs came up with a brilliant idea - how about the real Kim take selfies and charge I dunno, maybe more than $15? You can read his column here if you want.

I think Kim must have read hubs' idea because this happened.

$20 million selfie
Our foreign minister Vivian (left) took Kim out for some night fun and took this selfie. I don't know if you know this but photo taking of Kim is not allowed. At least that's what hubs learnt when he went to North Korea. So I'm assuming this selfie which Kim gamely posed for is some kind of payment?

To commemorate the historic summit hubs has got a Kim haircut. The last time he cut his hair, also Kim style was in 2016 in North Korea.

This is how much his hair grew over two years. It's been a nightmare. Sometimes he doesn't shampoo his hair...

I'm so glad the summit happened because for over two years hubs has been saying he'll never cut his hair again since his last haircut was so special. Thank you Kim for swinging by. Thanks to you, I no longer have to comb his hair.

p.s. Hubs is charging $10 for selfies with him


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