Tuesday, October 2, 2018

What September Made

Dear friends,

Is it October already? I couldn't tell because the scorching heat in September is exactly the same in October. We are being fried alive in Singapore. Send cool breeze.

I didn't plan it this way but September turned out to be a knitting month.

I completed my first lace scarf.

 I started work on another lace scarf. This one is hard and will take ages. I knit it very loosely.

I started on a lace shawl. I regret the choice of yarn and am wondering if I should continue. I've since switched needles because this one keeps annoying me. I have no idea if I can handle this shawl. It's something new to me. I haven't even reached the difficult part yet.

I'm most pleased with my little knitted hats because I got better at dpn.

I was supposed to publish a new bag pattern but I developed editing fatigue.

I got my blood test results (from a free health check) and everything's fine except for high cholesterol. I've had high cholesterol for decades so it's nothing new. It's still not high enough to require medication so I can still fix it. Doctor says to eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise more.

I've been exercising more. I rejoined the free exercise group where I live and have been regularly going for my weekly exercise. I've also started jogging again and I'm back to doing daily pilates at home. The last two weeks, I stopped going swimming to give my skin and hair a break from the chlorine water. But swimming resumes this week. Diet wise, I'm still finding my way.

I'll be knitting less in October. Need to give my arms a break. I'll work on my bag patterns once my I recover from editing fatigue. I'll sew more - I have some ideas. Anyway, see you in October.


Kate said...

Your knitting is coming nicely. I understand about only knitting. I seem to be doing the same thing. Must get back to sewing.

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