Thursday, October 4, 2018

Show Me Your Point Turners

Hey guys,

You know my biggest problem with point turners? I lose them. Well, they're not lost. They're somewhere in my messy sewing area. So frequently, when I need my point turner, I've had to resort to using whatever I have on hand - knitting needle, chopstitck, pencil, finger - you name it, I've used it.

I think the reason I wasn't so careful with my point turners was I never found any of them that good.

This is a store bought point turner. It costs under SGD5. It's okaaay. It even has a U-shape thingy for sewing over hump. But we don't need that because we can make our own hump helper, right?

The bone folder is more useful for making creases. The tweezer is surprisingly good for points but sometimes it's too good and makes a hole. Anyway, I use the tweezer like a third hand when I'm sewing at the sewing machine. You know when you want to place your finger very close to the needle but you're afraid the needle will go through your finger? That's when my tweezer becomes my third hand.

Early this year I was at Art Friend and I saw this pottery tool and I thought it would make a fantastic point turner. I was so right! The point was a bit too sharp so I used sand paper to round it and now it's perfect!

This is interfaced thick cotton canvas and I could get a not too bad point.

The best part? This pottery tool costs one Singapore dollar. I'm guarding it with my life now.


Jane McLellan said...

Hang onto it! I usually use a pencil or knitting needle. Or whatever comes to hand.

Kate said...

I made myself a pencil case that I use to store all my bits and bobs.
I bought the Clover Point2Point Turner and I think it works well. It cost about $10 CAD, and worth it, I think. It looks kind of like your pottery tool.
I try to always return it to the pencil case, otherwise it gets between stuff.

Anonymous said...

Off topic: Just wondering what your daughter thinks of the new Dr. Who?

Projects By Jane said...

Dear off topic,
My daughter LOVES the new Dr Who, really digs her ear stud but hates the current season in particular the poor shitty writing.

Chris H said...

Ha ha... I use a pencil!

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