Thursday, November 8, 2018

What October Made

Dear friends,

I know it's a bit silly to write this post when it's already the 8th November. But I'll feel really weird a couple of years down the road when I read my old posts in 2018 and there isn't a "What October Made" post.

October was a terrible month. I think it started when I asked for rain. The rain came and came. But it would also get very hot - on the same day. Such extremes in weather usually mean one thing - illness. I did get a bit sick - the usual nose block shit. But I never got sick enough to see a doctor. My son though got hit really hard. It started out as a sneezing fit and I wasn't very worried because both my kids have sensitive noses. Then he got sicker and sicker and despite seeing a doctor and taking lots of medicine, he did not recover. He had a constant fever and was coughing all the time. My home smelled of snot and phlegm. I don't think I've ever felt so scared before. As long as my son had a fever, I felt like I couldn't breathe. It was a waiting game. Wait for the medicine to take effect. Wait, wait, wait. Finally we ran out of medicine and went back to the doctor. Another round of antibiotics plus new medicine and finally one day, the fever went away. The day the fever went away, I suddenly felt so tired. Funny, right? His cough hasn't gone away completely. His throat is still sore. But he is on the road to recovery. This is the first time my son got this sick. I think it shook him. It shook me. We had a good talk with him about eating healthy and he's actually taking our advice.

So I didn't do much in October. I spent a lot of time cooking for my son. He had to go on a soft diet so there wasn't much choice.

I did a bit of knitting and completed a lace shawl - sort of.

The shawl should be a lot larger but I wasn't in love with it so I decided to finish it off. I used a cheap acrylic yarn which I had bought decades ago and the texture was quite awful. I know, I know. I should choose better yarn. Hubs took these pics of me yesterday after our swimming session. Thank goodness there was nobody below my flat because a thick shawl in Singapore weather is so ridiculous, right?

This was an easy pattern but I got really bored knitting it. I think my knitting skills have improved a lot and I'm ready for a more complex pattern.

Oh, remember the bag pattern I was working on and almost abandoned? It's all done and I'm just waiting for my daughter to model the bag.

November is a rainy month. So a perfect month for knitting. I have a few knitting projects in progress. I can't seem to knit more more than 2 hours a day. My left wrist will hurt. I knit continental style so I use my left hand quite a bit. I've even resorted to using my toes to hold the yarn. This was what I used to do in the past when I didn't know how to hold the yarn with my left hand. Then one day, I thought why not hold the yarn the same way for crochet? And that's exactly what I do now.

See you soon.


Kate said...

Being sick isn't fun. Neither is having one of your kids sick.
You did a great job on the shawl. I think you are ready for thinner yarn. Lots of shawl patterns use " fingering weight". You end up with a light shawl suitable for evening wear.

Jane McLellan said...

I’d like to see a picture of you using your toes to hold the yarn. Glad your son has recovered.

Projects By Jane said...

Okay Jane McLellan. I will get someone to take pics for me. Wait for it.

Chris H said...

How scary having your son so ill... rather glad he is all better now. I love the shawl!

Chris H said...

OH and you look VERY CUTE in that dress *smiles*.

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