Wednesday, January 2, 2019


Do you have any WIPs (Work In Progress) brought forward from 2018? Some of you might ask: what's the difference between WIP and UFO (Unfinished Objects). The big difference is, for WIP, you continue to work on the project. UFOs are usually abandoned, hidden, put away and spend most of their lives in drawers, cabinets or storeroom (in my case). They're close to being done but require effort to make it into a completely finished project. A WIP can turn into an UFO when you stop working on it completely. It's usually towards the end of a project when things can get dangerous - you lose enthusiasm, you lose the momentum and finally you lose complete interest. When my kids need a pep talk, I like to use a race as an analogy. I told them: don't slow down when you near the finish line. The closer you get to crossing the finish line, the more effort you have to put in to give that final boost to shoot you across. I wish I could give myself the same pep talk when I face my UFOs!

I have a few WIPs which I believe will take many hundreds of days and nights to finish.

After finishing my first lace scarf, I jumped into this one which is similar but the pattern is slightly more difficult and often makes me want to dig out my eyeballs. I managed to reach 18 inches.

Believe it or not, this is supposed to be a sweater. It's crochet and very boring. I'm not sure if I want to complete it. But I have the correct amount of yarn. Plus I've already crocheted so many rows. I can't bear to rip it out. When I crochet, I don't use any lifelines. <expert>

This was supposed to be my first lace shawl but I ran out of room on my circular needle so I had to buy a longer circular needle. I couldn't get the exact same size needle so I'm quite screwed.

This is not an easy lace shawl pattern. It is interesting to knit so I'm keen to keep going. One section of the shawl is almost impossible to knit. I bruised my hands doing it.

Now that my arms are not so hedious and children won't run away crying when they see them, I'm keen to make a sleeveless top for myself. I do have lots of sleeveless top - all from running events. This one though will be a knit top and possibly tight so I'd better start on my tummy toning exercises.

This WIP is what I dread working on most. I have to clean up my blog - removing all the links to my now defunct Craftsy shop. I could leave the links as is but I don't like dead links.

I promised I would update my tutorials page. Unfortunately it's hot as hell so lets KIV (keep in view). It'll get done, don't worry.

Finish my current bag pattern. <I need a pep talk!>


Ely said...

If you’re feeling pretty serious about knitting, might be time for an interchangeable set. Clover/Takumi brand might be the way to go for you since it’s a Japanese company. And bonus- economical.

Yeah to another bag pattern!! It’s on my list this year to work my way through the handful of patterns of yours that I have. But one can never have too many! ❤️

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Ely, firstly, I love that you intend to work your way through some of my bag patterns. I look forward to seeing them on your ig. My new bag pattern is another "easy to make" because the "easy to make" ones sell better. I made it in half an hour but the editing takes weeks/months.

Thanks for your suggestion. There's a shop which sells Clover stuff at Chinatown. I'll have a look. I couldn't find any interchangeable sets at Spotlight.

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