Thursday, January 24, 2019

Chun Again

Last Feb, I created 2 versions of chun (spring) which is a common Chinese New Year decoration. Well, Chinese New Year is almost here. If you want a printable of chun, please go here to download.

I had made an applique version of chun which I rather like but I left it unfinished because I was lazy. I used masking tape to tape the decoration to the wall.

The unfinished chun applique had been bugging me since then and recently I dug it out from the Ikea box where I keep all my unfinished applique.
I didn't want to think too hard about what to do so I did it the same way as my Perfect Miter tute. I cut the backing with an extra 1" all round. I didn't use any basting glue or pins to hold the 3 layers together (there's a thin layer of batting in between) which I regretted because making the miter was rather hard when the layers kept shifting. Still, I managed it in the end. I wish to thank my walking foot for a job well done.

Finally my chun applique is finished. You know what? This is my first completed UFO in 2019.

I used a very clumsy way to hang the applique. This is how creative lazy Jane is - 2 safety pins with rings attached and a bamboo skewer between the rings. This is not a good method and I highly recommend that you don't follow it. But it works.


Kate said...

A small piece of plastic tubing is a bit classier, though not much.

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