Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Perfect Miter

I made this stitch sampler a long, long time ago when I was a different person, with different aesthetics. When I was done with the embroidery, I had no idea what to do with it. So it kept going into the store room and from time to time, I'll discover it and I'll say I must make something with it. But then I never do. The thing is I'm quite uncomfortable with unfinished projects especially if I've spent a huge amount of time on it already. If it's unfinished, I keep feeling that I need to finish it. Even if it takes years. Well, this time I'm happy to report that I finally finished it.

My idea is nothing fantastic. I thought I'll just make a border around the sampler so it looks like a photo frame. It came out more like a quilt. Except I didn't sew any quilting lines because well, it's a stitch sampler! But I added batting and a backing. I did a self-binding fold over thingy. Looking at the sampler, I don't have much empty space around the stitches. So I decided my finished fold will only be 1/2"  wide all around. To get that result I cut my backing larger all round by 1".

I make 2 folds for every side. The first fold is 1". Open up the fold again. Make a second fold 1/2" wide to hide the raw edges of the backing.

Position as above - raw edge of folds meets the raw edge of sampler. From each corner of backing fabric, mark 1" away from the corner. Why 1"? It's actually 2 X finished fold. So whatever your border width you use, just multiply the FINISHED FOLD WIDTH by 2. Mine is 2 X 1/2" = 1".

Draw a line to join the 2 points.

Right sides together, match the points.

Pinning on the line helps with the alignment.

Sew on line. Very important to backstitch. Trim bulk.

Turn to right side. Use a point turner to get your corners sharp. Repeat for all corners.

Pin border to sampler. Use walking foot to sew round the border close to the edge to secure all 3 layers together.

This is the back.

In front - perfect miter.

How many of these stitches do you recognise or use?

3rd UFO completed. YAY! This one, I'm patting myself on the back several times. Woo hoo!!!


Jane McLellan said...

Absolutely, pat on the back deserved.

Barwitzki said...

Jipieee... super laget :-))) Fantastisk. Gratulere deg.
Enig med deg. Det er flott å fullføre noe.
AdventsHILSEN til deg. Viola

Projects By Jane said...

Thanks Jane McLellan and Barwitzki. I just remembered the cross stitch fabric I used for the stitches was bought at least 25 years ago! That's like, like heirloom(ish).

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