Friday, December 21, 2018

Craftsy Shop To Be Removed

On Thursday I woke up and the first thing I do is check my email. Being on a different timezone from most of my customers, sometimes I wake up to frantic messages from them, usually about downloading issues. I hate to keep people waiting for my response but there's nothing I can do about the timezone. Anyway, there were no frantic messages but there was one from Craftsy.

Just like that, with one email, Craftsy is kicking me off the marketplace. No explanations, no reasons given. I'm out.

At first I was mad as hell. Fuming mad. But it's wasted energy. It is what it is. I know some "top designers" got to stay on the marketplace including Craftsy instructors but with reduced inventory. (those who were kicked out may appeal) I don't know the criteria Craftsy used to keep the "top designers". It feels quite cruel, the way Craftsy has gone about it.

Those of you who have bought from my Craftsy shop, don't panic. After my shop has been removed on 28th December, your patterns will still remain in your pattern library until the day Craftsy goes up in flames so please go on with your life.

I've gone through all the patterns in the Craftsy shop and reduced all applique from $1.50 to $1. Yep, one buck. All bag patterns have been marked down to $4. Why $4? Well, four in Chinese sounds like "die/death". It's considered an unlucky number. But I'm not superstitious. Well, sometimes... Four also sounds like "yes" in Chinese. So yes, yes yes? Go raid my Craftsy shop, best before 28th December and make the bags in 2019.
p.s. please note all prices in my Craftsy shop are in USD.
p.s.s. to repeat, yes, all the patterns you buy from my Craftsy shop will still be available to you (in your pattern library) after my shop is removed.


Kate said...

Seems like a weird business decision on Craftsy's part. Of course, I thought the subscription for the courses was an odd way to move, too. Who knows what they plan for the future.

pennydog said...

I got to keep my store but I maybe sell 5-10 patterns a year so I don't think it's done on sales volume (they may only keep one of my patterns, of course).... who knows :S

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Kerry, I'm happy you got to keep your store. I don't rule out opening a store at Craftsy in future (if allowed!). I'm so glad I made the decision long ago to link most of my posts to my Etsy shop. Still, I will have a number of dead links come 28th Dec.

BeckyC said...

Will Craftsy send us updates for our patterns, if you or another designer updates the pattern?

Projects By Jane said...

Hi BeckyC,

For shops which have been removed, like mine, we no longer have a shop at Craftsy as such, it's no longer possible to provide any updates. fyi, i rarely issue an update for my patterns unless it is to correct a typo. For designers who get to keep their shops, I believe they can't do any new uploads due to the revamp. I don't know if they are able to do updates) Next Tuesday Jan 8th, Craftsy will become Bluprint and I'm sure our accounts layout will change quite a bit. (yes, i get to keep my account)

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