Friday, January 18, 2008

The Embroidery Killed The Bag

It's all coming slowly to me now. How it all started. 3 zippered pouches and I thought I knew it all. I had seen this pouch in a departmental store and the zipper was sewn on a separate fabric which is joined to the top of the pouch, creating volume, like a fake gusset. Of course I had to go all creative sewing strips of fabric in rows. And I simply couldn't resist sewing feather stitches on the seams of the strips. Resistance is futile! To cover the raw seams I sewed bias binding. Ha. It seems there's something else to learn about bias binding. I think I didn't handle the curves so well. I'd thought the bias would take care of the curves. Guess I was wrong. My seams were rather uneven and it affected the bias binding. Certainly no yata! this round. I showed the pouch to my husband and he said the embroidery killed the bag.

Darn those feather stitches

Yep. I got the volume I wanted


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