Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It started with a daisy stitch

I was clearing my unused bedroom/storeroom when I came across a baby bonnet given to my son when he was born. It was handmade by my one-eyed aunt-in-law who's from a bonnet wearing era. Okay, she really has two eyes but only one eye moves. And needless to say, my son has never won the bonnet a day of his life. It is now proudly owned by my girl's big headed doll.

Who wears bonnet in Singapore?

What struck me about the bonnet were the daisy stitches and the stem stitches my aunt-in-law had sewn on it. It gave me a nostalgic feeling for something old.

Somebody help me. I made another drawstring bag. I wanted a quaint drawstring bag which makes one think of the old days. So I kept the embroidery simple, just a few daisy stitches and plenty of stem stitches. For the fabric, I chose a simple white cotton and lilac lining. I didn't want another casing again so I bravely sewed 8 scallops to contain the drawstrings. Just 2 vertical lines (one above and one below the fabric) followed by several blanket stitches. Finally for the drawstrings, I brought out the big guns. A four string round braid consisting of 2 lilac, 1 green and 1 grey lily yarn.


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