Thursday, January 3, 2008

Something Old Something New

December 2007 was a bagless month for me. Plagued by muscle pain on my shoulders I simply could not muster up the energy. 4 GPs and no result, I finally succumbed to mom's advice of TCM physician who diagnosed me with good ole stress. Her tonic? 8 needles on my arms and legs and some foul drink (20cc 3X a day!). Feeling looser now, I'm making an effort to make something to celebrate the new year. I had forgotten how therapeutic bag making is! So I returned to my old love - drawstring bags. I went back to "happythings" super-easy way of making drawstring bags. But for something new, I modified the pattern to include a different coloured casing.

"The Pattern "

Ta Da!

This tiny little bag was made for my girl's Big-Headed Doll. (dolls need bags too) It was a prototype for "the pattern". I was surprised it turned out so well. So I made 2 more.

I went a little crazy here

I'm not proud of this one

My New Year resolution is to be more easy going and to "laugh it off" whenever I'm agitated/faced with imperfection/irritated.... So I'm gonna laugh off the horrid rooster bag. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha.


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