Friday, June 6, 2008

The Crazy Thing About Crazy Patchwork

Once I was at Best Denki at IMM when I saw from far a Sakura sewing machine display station. I could not take my eyes off the gorgeous, to die-for handmade bags arranged around the sewing machines. No, I'm not a fan of Sakura sewing machine. I had a very basic Sakura sewing machine once and it kept breaking down on me. Anyway, back to the bags. I could not believe my good fortune as I went from bag to bag, checking out the seams, the embroidery, the lining, the closure, the..That was when I became aware of an older woman who was similarly checking out the bags turning them inside out committing the design to memory. Hmm, I enjoy a fellow seam loving bag maker. We giggled when our paths crossed occasionally. Our heady joy soon came to an end when a mannish woman marched up to us announcing in a too loud voice, "WE DO NOT SELL BAGS. DON'T TOUCH THE BAGS." My older accomplice fled leaving me to pretend to be interested in the sewing machine.

Well, me and the old lady didn't give up. We waited for the mannish woman to go away and each time she did, we would crouch and continue with turning the bags inside out and checking out the details as fast as we could before the hollering starts again. This hide-and-seek game went on for a while until I got tired of it.

The point of this story? I go to great length to learn any technique when it comes to bag making. Yet, when it comes to crazy patchwork I'm completely helpless. I've read countless books on it. I've had dreams of me creating beautiful crazy patches. I want to be reborn in the Victorian times even though it's chronologically impossible. When I finally took the plunge and made a crazy patchwork bag, the result is so, so lame. I want to weep but the tears won't come.

I seriously think I am crazy patchwork challenged.


Sonya said...

I really love your patchwork purse! I think it looks fabulous:)

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