Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm So Not Over Japanese Bags

May 2008 completely went by me without a single post. What with going for physical rehablitation sessions, most of my waking hours were spent doing more stretching and strengthening exercises at home. Okay, okay. I also spent half my waking hours watching 8 seasons of Will and Grace and Season 3 of Criminal Minds and Season 4 of Lost. It was exhausting. I couldn't find the energy to type out a post or take pictures.

Now that my obsession with TV series has ended, I can finally devote myself to other obsession like Japanese bags. For this bag I used a purple cotton and a gorgeous Japanese print cotton from Spotlight. When I bought the very expensive Japanese print, the cashier winked at me and asked me what I intended to make.

This bag is similar to another bag I had made in a previous post. I outdid myself by using 2 different fabric - it looks so, dare I say it - Japanese. I don't know why I added the giant yo yo. The bag looks fine without it. For the embroidery I did not use Sashiko - another current obsession of mine. Instead I opted for back stitch as I wanted more definition for the flowers.

This is the back view


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