Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Zippered Pouch Quest No. 2

Continuing my quest for better zippered pouch tutorial, I tried out BlueFlower Treasures.

This tutorial doesn't give as much hand-holding when it comes to putting the sandwich of outer fabric, lining and zipper together. It didn't help matters that the lining and the outer fabric are the same fabric!

But what's really great about this tutorial is it gives really useful tips about how to align the zipper before sewing the side seams. Another problem I had before was gaps at the end of the zipper. Again another great tip about where to sew.

I had no problems with how it handled the bottoms. That's exactly how I like to do it.

For this bag, I cut up my girl's old toddler capri. I think my girl's getting used to her old clothes being recycled. When she saw her old capri on my table, her question was what I intended to make instead of her usual dramatic "No!!!!!!" The white and pink check fabric looks so cute that I had to add a white crochet flower I had done ages ago. And what's a flower without a leaf?

No gaps at the end of the zipper


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