Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Korean Souvenirs 4 - Doll

I bought this beautiful Korean doll on my last day in Korea. I had been searching for days for the perfect doll and was rather disapointed that the one which were better crafted cost a bomb. I finally settled for this cheaper version. This doll is a display doll and should have been left displayed in the plastic container it came in. Unfortunately I took it out to take pictures. That's when I discovered the doll's body and legs were made of styrofoam. Ugh!!!!!

Buying this doll has rekindled my interest in making clothes for dolls. When I was a kid, I only got to play with hand-me-down dolls from my mother's employer. They were usually broken and never came with clothes. I remembered enjoying dressing them up with rags. When my girl was old enough to play with dolls, I started sewing dolls clothing for her Barbie. I think I enjoyed dressing up her dolls more than she did. Frighteningly, my son also enjoyed dressing up the dolls. It turned out to be a passing phase.

Unfortunately I did not document any of the clothing I had made. This is why I created another blog Dressed Up Dolls just for dressing up my girl's dolls. Okay, our dolls.


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