Sunday, December 14, 2008

Long and short handles - Quest #1

I'm currently fascinated by bag handles - the ones where the length of both handles don't match.I imagine this is how it happened. One brilliant but forgetful bag maker sewed the wrong length of handles onto a bag. Instead of reaching for the seam ripper, she experimented and voila - a new bag is born.

What I love about long and short handles is that no closure is required. By inserting the longer handle through the shorter handle, a natural closure is born. So clever. I wish I had come up with it.

Say Hello to my rocking horse. (I have a rocking horse?!!)

Helen's site offers a Japanese Knot Bag pattern(I guess this is what Japanese calls it) which I shrank in size as I thought large would be cumbersome for such a design.

Okay, here's the part I didn't like. I had to sew the handles together by hand. So raw!

This is what I look like inside out.


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