Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Long n short handles - Quest #3

I never thought I would try a project from a Martha Stewart show. I had heard of Martha Stewart and once tried to watch an episode of her show on TV. It was painful listening to her drone on and on about pastry and other exciting desserts. Being a fan of TV police shows, I kept waiting for a pay-off. Nothing exciting happens on Martha Stewart.

So during my current quest for long and short handles, I was quite um, embarrassed to use her TV tutorial for my next bag. There is a clip of Martha and her guest actually sewing the bag. But it being TV, everything was pre-sewn and the guest glossed over the difficult part of the bag - the handles. Grr! I used the cute template provided but I made the bag really small.

I think I managed to wing the handles pretty well and it's all machine sewn.

The clothes peg gives an idea of the size of the bag.


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