Monday, April 6, 2009

Did You See Me At MAAD?

What a weekend! I was at MAAD held at the Red Dot Design Museum over the weekends. In the beginning I was kind of nervous but I soon got the hang of it. It was so much fun and I was too busy enjoying myself. In fact I'm definitely doing it again. Look out for my updates. By the way, I sold 13 bags!!!!

I need some lessons in visual display.

I used boxes, baskets and styrofoam all gathered from my home.

My big head blocked the "M" in Museum

The best part about my experience at MAAD are the friends I made.

Hot mama Alice K at her booth of gorgeous handmade Kimono fabric fashion and accessories. Check her out at Alice K. She makes bags too.

This is Viv who is a fashion and textile designer who spends her free time designing and handmaking jewellery. She is too shy to show her face so it's just her fingers and hot legs you get a shot of.
Ooh. Just found out Viv has a blog. Check her jewelery out at Vivi.

Mandy has a full-time job but manages to find time to craft jewelry. Where do all these people find the time and energy! Check her out at Forest Flame Jewelry. She's holding a wristlet she bought from me!

And there is ShuNing who makes the cutest badges and plush toys. I wanted to take a pic of her booth but forgot to ask until it was too late. She's a student who can really sew. She gave my girl a badge for free. My girl kept standing at her booth drooling over it. So sweet of ShuNing. Check her out at Momshoo.


Sandra :) said...

Hi, Jane - it's nice to "meet" you via our blogs! Congratulations on your success at MAAD - I'm sure it was a lot of fun!

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