Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm at MAAD

I had an image of this bag in my head for a week before I made it. My previous bias tape totes were rather short and I wanted a longer one because I think it looks really good. I like simple applique and the raw look which is the complete opposite of how I like the inside of bags to look. Which is no raw edges. I'm putting this bag up for sale at MAAD from 4 to 5 April. And others as well.
C ya.


Arlette said...

Hi! I found you thanks to Sandra over at Sandra Sews. Love all of your projects. I'm obsessed with bags too! Thank you for the tutorials! I know how much work goes into making them.

Projects By Jane said...

Hey Arlette

Thanks for visiting. I love the colour combination you use for the bags in your giveaway. So aloha. I hope I win.


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