Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sashiko is alive in Finland

I have been busy buying supplies and sewing for my next MAAD outing in June. Although I still have a supply of bags to sell, I thought it would be nice to use the next few weeks to make just a few bags, maybe one per week but for these bags, I will focus on details like pockets, embroideries, appliques. One little detail I've added is a bag label. I had dabbled with a different name my girl suggested before but I kinda like my blog name better.

See the bag label? It's on a bag I'm working on.

In the past, I was very much in shapes. I would make a bag just to get the shape out. Now I hope to do more complicated appliques with many sharp points and valleys. I really would love to make one Sashiko-ish medium sized bag but it being time-consuming, I'm not sure if it'll happen.

This is a small Sashiko-ish drawstring bag I made recently. It's not true Sashiko but I tried to follow the traditions as much as possible.

Speaking of Sashiko, I have a reader from Finland who is into Sashiko too. She agreed to have her work featured in my blog. Hi Flyza from Finland! Below are three pictures showing Flyza's work.

Just look at that!

Another Sashiko project by Flyza

Is that real Finland snow? I feel cold just looking at it.


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