Wednesday, October 21, 2009


This is Sylvia Toh, more popularly known as author of Eh Goondu! Goondu (read as goon-doo) is Singlish for stupid person. And Singlish is murdered English by Singaporeans. If you are not from Singapore, you probably don't care about Singlish. It is a beautiful "language" if properly spoken. :D I try to speak it as often as I can. However, I am married to a writer. He keeps correcting my English.!

Anyhoo, why's Sylvia featured in my blog? Well, I discovered she's an ardent fan of mine. Okay, the ardent part I put in myself. She likes my bags. Yay! She liked the alien-egg-Sigourney-Weaver bag I made. Unfortunately it was "snapped up" by a keen-eyed buyer. So I made another one for Sylvia.
Look at her pose with the bag in the photo. Garang! (read as Gar-rung) For my American readers, the best translation is Fierce!


bubbleberry said...

i love ur bag :D u sell it ?

jane p said...

hi bubbleberry. thks. for the alien-egg-Sigourney-Weaver bag carried by Sylvia in this post, the amt of fabric i have left is too small to make another one. also, the fabric is no longer in stock. but if u like the design, and would consider it in other fabric, pls contact me at

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